Preschool Lunches

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Is it weird that I specifically remember my preschool and kindergarten lunches? I did half-days, just like my son Ryan does now, and always ate lunch at home. Even today, as an almost 30-year-old, I can ask my mom to make me a “kindergarten lunch” and she knows exactly what I mean. It’s something special even today–a lunch for when I’m sick or need a pick me up–and it reminds me of those days way back when. I want Ryan to have that! I like to make him special lunches in his favorites dishes–the ones with separate compartments because he doesn’t like his food to touch and he’s excited when each spot is filled.


On this particular day I made a PB&J, something he loves, and I used my pumpkin cookie-cutter to make it extra special. Where did the leftover sandwich pieces go?? No worries, those went to his little sister, Rebecca! Add some fresh grapes, a bit of turkey, applesauce in a pouch, and apple juice and we’re all set! I know the bento style is totally in right now and so is making creations with food… I agree, that’s fun and adorable… but it’s also something I don’t always have time for. THIS lunch is something I have time for and is something Ryan is THRILLED to see.


The Mott’s® For Tots juice drink boxes have 40% less sugar than Mott’s 100% Apple Juice and Ryan loves them. The Mott’s® Snack & Go applesauce pouches are MY favorite because they are SO easy and convenient! I throw these babies in my purse or diaper bag all the time. You know how moms ALWAYS have to be prepared with snacks when out of the house to prevent possible meltdowns?! Applesauce pouches, seriously.


Rebecca loves Snack & Go applesauce pouches, too. She’s almost 2 and MUST feed herself… you know how that goes… she ends up covered in food and so does the floor. But not with these pouches! They’re delicious and nutritious–in natural or strawberry, they have no added sugar and just a few ingredients.

I told you both of my kids love Mott’s®, so I had to share this photo too, of them fighting over the juice box. Rebecca doesn’t get them yet, but oh boy does she always try to steal Ryan’s when he isn’t looking!


What are your go-to snacks and lunches, especially on busy days or out on-the-go?

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