our favorite pajamas: Infant Lane merino wool

Remember that AWESOME Blogger Baby Shower I hosted with The Baby Ladies back in July? Infant Lane was one of our amazing sponsors and we’re just now sharing about them because their products are more for the fall and winter–cold weather seasons! So perfect timing for the coming cold and holiday gifts!

merino wool pajamas

Infant Lane offers 100% Merino Wool kids clothing all made in New Zealand! Why? The creator used to have a career in the textile industry and visited factories in China. With the pregnancy of her first baby, she knew she wanted something more pure. I mean, a baby sleeps 16 hours per day–they should be in something not only comfortable, but pure and safe! Infant Lane went with Merino Wool for it’s natural qualities without any harsh chemicals and because it provides warmth and coziness.

merino wool pajamas

Both of my kids have a pair of merino pajamas from Infant Lane and we love them. They’re super soft and cozy, keep them warm in this winter cold, and we know they’re SAFE and not full of chemicals.

About Merino Wool

New Zealand’s merino sheep, farmed in the South Island’s mountain regions, grow the finest and longest yarn compared to merino sheep in other parts of the world. You guys, I’ve been to New Zealand’s South Island and it is a DREAM, you must get there once in your lifetime, it’s GORGEOUS. And yes, lots of sheep, haha.

So the sheep’s wool is able to adapt to any climate and the yarn that’s spun into fabric (for the Infant Lane products we love) functions with the same idea–it lets moisture out and keeps body warmth in. This temperature regulating process helps sleep patterns and reduces risks of SIDS.

Merino Wool also has NATURAL fire retardant properties–none of those harsh chemicals–to reduce the risk of flammability. It’s also a fine yarn that’s great for sensitive skin because it doesn’t irritate.

merino wool kids

About Infant Lane

I’ve convinced you, right? I only want merino wool everything now, haha. Luckily, Infant Lane has a lot of merino wool products to choose from! We love our pajamas. They also have blankets, sleeping bags (sleep sacks), swaddling blankets, beanies, ponchos, and thermals.

merino wool kids

I LOVE the ponchos–what a great idea for an added layer and something that kids can wear in their car seat (since puffy winter coats are a BIG NO-NO!). Cute, too, right? And next on my list is a cozy blanket.

Just in time for winter and the holidays, head over to Infant Lane for purchasing! Their merino wool clothes are made for ages 0 to 6 years. Let me know what you buy, so I can be jealous 😉 Oh, and the mama that created and runs Infant Lane? JUST had baby #3… like… a week ago. Super Mom! <3

You can also find Infant Lane on Facebook and check out Christa’s review (she’s from The Baby Ladies, too!).

~I was provided product to facilitate this review and Infant Lane merino wool was a sponsor of our 2013 Blogger Baby Shower.


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