Monsters University now on DVD & Blu-ray!

Product was received to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own!

Monsters Inc has always been a favorite in our house so when we heard they were coming out with another one, Monsters University, we decided it would be Ryan’s FIRST trip to the movie theater! He’s almost 4-years-old and we thought it might be risky, but he’s getting into movies now and we knew he loved Monsters Inc, so we went for it. And it was awesome; he loved it!

Monsters University

Monsters  University takes us back to the time before Monsters Inc occurs. Mike and Sulley are in school trying to make it through the prestigious Scare Program. Mike studies a lot and tries really hard while Sulley slides by with his large size and loud roar. A whole bunch of crazy shenanigans go on, the two kicked out of the program, they join the Oozma Kappas for a chance back in, and really have to work together. And study. A good lesson for the kids, eh? 😉 Even better is the lesson at the end. I don’t want to give away too much, but it’s not a typical happy ending and helps show us that sometimes things don’t work out the way we want…. but they can still work out.

monsters university

Getting this on DVD/Blu-ray was definitely a must… it had to be added to our collection and it’s a great movie. Ya know sometimes you worry that sequels won’t be as good, but Monsters University certainly is. If you haven’t seen it yet, you should! My husband and I enjoyed it, too. And who doesn’t like saying “Mike Wazowski” like the cute little girl in Monsters Inc? 🙂

Monsters University

Monsters University will make a GREAT stocking stuffer or holiday gift and you can find it at most major retailers, like Target. It’s full of fun extra features, too, like deleted scenes and what goes into making the film. Check out Monsters University for games, clips, images, and more, and find them on Facebook!

Product was received to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own!

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