A sugar-free Halloween: candy alternatives for trick-or-treat

Yes, everyone loves all the candy on Halloween, and I won’t lie and say I don’t eat it, too. But OMG ALL THE CANDY. Our kids are little (almost 4yo and 20 months old) so we really just trick-or-treat on our block and we still come home with mounds of candy. My kids don’t need all of that–and my husband and I can’t even help them eat it all.

This year we went straight to toys to pass out to trick-or-treaters on Halloween. My husband warned me that if we didn’t pass out candy, our house would get egged or something, haha. But I said–it’s not like we’re passing out apples! We’re passing out TOYS!

toys trick or treating

And, wow, the reaction was much better than I anticipated. The kids were THRILLED. Actually, the very first trick-or-treaters to the door said something along the lines of, “WHOA! Our first toy!!! Oh, this is so cool!”

We had little packages of Glitzi Globes and Trash Packs to hand out, which are THE collectibles for kids, I guess! Glitzi Globes let you create your own mini snow globe toys filled with glitter. The Trash Packs are little collectible trash cans with a different “Trashie” in each one and we had trading cards to pass out, too!

toys trick or treating

When we had to put our little ones to bed and the trick-or-treaters were still coming, I dumped a bunch of Trash Pack collectibles, trading cards, and Glitzi Globes in a big bowl and set it outside our front door. I couldn’t have been gone for more than 10 minutes and when I came downstairs I could hear the excitement outside.

I heard kids yelling, “No way! Oh, look at this! Let’s get some cards!” and by the time I opened the front door, the kids were gone…. and so were ALL of the toys, haha. The bowl was empty! Guess they liked the toys 😉 I had more to refill with, so no worries! Everyone was happy!

Check out these and other toys from Moose Enterprise; they’d be great for class parties, too! You can find both on Facebook: Trash Packs and Glitzi GlobesWhat did you hand out for Halloween?

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