Holiday Gifts: Super Duper Publications (discount code)

You’ve heard about Super Duper Publications from me before–we LOVE their games and  have quite a few! So we were excited to be offered more for review and to share them with you. Super Duper Publications is one of my favorites because the games are so much fun and educational, too! One of Ryan’s favorites is the MagneTalk Match-up Adventure Kit. We got 5 new ones so to break up all the info a bit, I’ll share the first two with you here.

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I just know Ryan is going to love these games! He recently learned how to hop like a frog at preschool so I think that’s why he chose “Hopping Frogs Board Game” first! This game reinforces language and articulation skills for the sounds P, B, T, D, K, G and F. It also helps with vocabulary, simple analogies, classifying, and more. I think it’s amazing that one fun game can target all these skills and Ryan won’t even realize he’s learning.

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The “Hopping Frogs Board Game” comes with an eye-catching and colorful game board, 420 Hopping Frog vocabulary cards, laminated lily pads, and more than 130 cute little plastic frogs. There is even a storage box with additional game ideas! The frogs hop from the pond to the lily pad when a question is answered with the correct target word. (Name an orange vegetable: carrot; Name the part of your head between your head and your shoulders: neck). You can choose the sound your child needs to work on by selecting that specific deck of cards. The goal is to be the one with the most frogs on your lily pad.

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We had a lot of fun playing this game. Ryan did a fantastic job answering the questions and couldn’t wait to start hopping with his little frogs! We will definitely be playing this game a lot.

Next up: Classifying Photo Fish! This game comes with two magnetic fishing poles, 58 magnetic foam fish including 5 “Category Catch” fish (Transportation, Clothing, Animals, Food, and Around the Home), and a plastic pond. Ryan helped me put stickers on each of the fish and that was fun in itself, haha. The stickers are photos of verbs that are easily identifiable to small children.

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Ryan knew that soon he was going to get to go “fishing!” He loves to fish with his grandpa in the North Woods so he was prepared to catch a lot of fish! I loved the fact that the directions were quite simple so we were playing in no time! We placed all the fish in the pond and Ryan chose the category, “Animals.” He was excited to see how easy it was for the fish to attach to his pole! Once he caught a fish, he had to determine if the photo on the back of the fish matched his category. If you answer correctly, you keep your fish! He couldn’t wait for me to take my turn and see what picture I had on my fish!

super duper

We loved the included plastic carrying case for all of the fish… just like a tackle box! It’s fun to store everything in there instead of a typical cardboard box and Ryan loves carrying it around. This is a wonderful game that reinforces communication with verbs and the skill of categorizing. Ryan’s doing a great job!

More to come in my next Super Duper post: Turtle Talk, Go For The Dough, and MagneTalk Telling Time!

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Check all the wonderful games at Super Duper Publications and be sure to find them on facebook, twitter, and pinterest! All orders over $20 ship FREE both to the US and Canada! Here’s a code for 15% off that’s valid through Dec 20th: DJBJJ6TU

~Product was received to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own!

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