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Last week I shared a few games from Super Duper Publications, one of our favorite places to get educational and fun games for the kids. We received a few more to review that I’m happy to share with you–more of our go-to games!

Super Duper Publications

super duper publications

Turtle Talk: This game targets fluency and language for ages 3 and up. It’s great for building vocabulary and it helps your child practice the skills of describing, sequencing, critical thinking, listening, reading, and storytelling. All in one (fun) game!

It comes with a brightly colored game board, 240 Turtle Talk fluency/language cards, 72 foam turtle tokens, a plastic turtle, and six color-coded topic categories: Animals, Around the Home, Food, Holidays & Seasons, Occupations, and Things You Wear. Also included is an answer book and more game ideas.

super duper publications

The object of the game is to collect the “Turtle Tokens” from the turtle by moving around the game board and answering questions. The questions are even numbered from 1 – 6 based on your child’s skill level. You can play the “fluency” game or the “language” game, each having a different set of easy to follow directions.

super duper publications

Ryan and I played the “fluency game.” I thought we would start with skill level 1 questions but some of them were a little too easy for my almost 4 year old, so we went with level 2. Example question: In the bathroom you find a sink and ____? This was a great game! I could see the pride on Ryan’s face when he answered the questions. It not only builds skills, but also self esteem!

Next up: Go For The Dough. This game comes with a game board, 480 illustrated color-coded “Super Dough Dollars” (80 synonyms, 80 opposites, 80 rhyming words, 80 definitions, 80 categories and 80 multiple meanings). There are 6 cars/pawns, die and an answer booklet.

super duper publications

This game, for ages 4 and up, helps your child build vocabulary word meanings. We get to deliver “pizzas” to grandma’s house! Ryan was pretty excited to know that the pizza was for grandma! First we chose a set of “Dollars” based on the skill we wanted to work on. We chose opposites. Ryan did a great job with most of the words. After he answered the question, he placed the “Dollar” in the middle of the game board. He rolled the die and moved around the board towards grandma’s house! Once he got to grandma’s he got to pick up all the dollars in the middle. As we delivered the pizzas we tried to collect the most “Super Dough Dollars.” Definitely an educational game and also very fun! Ryan likes games with a purpose–moving around the board to get to the end.

Last, but not least: MagneTalk Telling Time. What child doesn’t like to play with magnets?! This is a great way to learn how to tell time! There is a traditional face clock and a magnetic digital clock so your child can learn to read both kinds. It comes with a game board, 24 magnetic number tiles, 47 magnetic “Sentence Maker” tiles, and two clock hands.

super duper publications

I started by asking Ryan to show me 4:00 on the traditional clock. He did a great job with that! Then I asked him to find the 4 and the 00 magnetic tiles to place on the digital clock. Next I asked him to show me what time he gets up in the morning. He moved the hands to exactly 7 o’clock. Then Ryan gave me my assignment! I had to move the clock hands to lunchtime. He pretended he was the teacher and checked to see if I was right, haha.

There are even words to make a sentence to go along with the time. For example, we can make a sentence that says, “I eat at 5:00” or making a longer sentence “I get up at 7 o’clock in the morning.” Of course, Ryan needs help creating sentences but eventually he will be able to read them on his own! This wonderful activity teaches telling time AND reading! Lately he’s been so cute with figuring out concepts of time, asking if we’re going out after “this bedtime” (meaning tomorrow) or if we play games in twenty minutes or two days, haha. He’s learning!

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You can find these games and so much more from Super Duper Publications. All orders over $20 ship FREE both to the US and Canada! Here’s a code for 15% off that’s valid through Dec 20th: DJBJJ6TU  – be sure to find Super Duper Publications on facebooktwitter, and pinterest, too.

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