‘Tis the season… for broken Christmas lights! (giveaway)

Ahhhhhh, there’s almost nothing worse than untangling an entire string of Christmas lights, setting them up, and plugging them in to discover they don’t work or half the string is out. GAH! At least I’ve learned my lesson and don’t set the lights up anymore before testing them, haha, but what do you do when you have broken Christmas lights?! Have you ever had to sit there and test every.single.bulb. by removing it and putting in a new one and waiting to see if that fixes everything? It’s just a terrible way to live 😛

LightKeeper Pro: for broken Christmas lights

broken Christmas lights

THANKFULLY, there’s the LightKeeper Pro. This thing is a life saver and seriously every house needs to have one. Most of us put up lights around the holidays, right? Most of us deal with broken bulbs, half-working string, and too much frustration. Do you have a pre-lit tree??? Where the strings of lights are basically incorporated into the branches? You know you’re screwed if some go out, right?

We moved to this house just last year and the previous owners left their Christmas lights on two trees out front. And now I know why…… those babies are TWISTED on, wrapped around, EVERY BRANCH. And? 75% of the lights don’t work. I told my husband we are NEVER getting those lights out of those trees! He said we’d have to cut them off. I can’t even imagine having to do that! So, like I said, THANKFULLY we now have the LightKeeper Pro. I would have been dreaming of this exact product if I didn’t know it existed.

broken christmas lights

It can save your lights (and your sanity) in two main ways. First, if part of your sting is out, you can remove a bulb and stick the socket into the LightKeeper Pro’s Socket Connector. Pull the trigger on the LightKeeper Pro until the lights come on and viola! Fixed! This Quick Fix Trigger fixes the most common problem: a malfunctioning bulb shunt. If this doesn’t work, try the other method…

broken christmas lights

Using the Audible Voltage Detector you can find the specific location in your string of lights that’s causing the problem. Using sound, it lets you know when it senses power interruption. You don’t have to remove any bulbs or stick any bulbs into the LightKeeper Pro, you simply move the tool along the string of lights until the beeping stops and you know you’ve found your broken bulb.

So… not only does this LightKeeper Pro tell you WHERE the problem is, it can help you actually FIX it so you don’t have to use replacement bulbs or get an entirely new string. AND? Those little bulbs are hard to get out so the LightKeeper Pro has a handy bulb puller just for that 🙂

broken christmas lights

Last, but certainly not least, the handle of the LightKeeper Pro opens so you can store extra lights and fuses! A great little all-in-one tool to make for less fuss during the holidays and no more broken Christmas lights… I fixed the broken strand on my pre-lit tree in 2 minutes. I was going to just add in a separate strand and hope no one noticed the dead lights in there, haha. Can’t believe it’s fixed just like that!

Have LED lights instead? No problem, check out the LED Keeper! You can buy these at many major retailers and also online at stores like Amazon where it sells for about $20.

GIVEAWAY: there will be THREE lucky readers who will each win their own LightKeeper Pro! Please use the form below to enter. Good luck! 🙂

~Product and/or compensation was received for this post. All opinions are my own.

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