The NEW YesVideo iPhone App!

~This post was written in a partnership with YesVideo. All opinions are my own!

Our family has preserved many memories through YesVideo’s video transfer services so I’m sure you’ve seen me talk about them before! We still have a stack to send to YesVideo and do a little at a time. They’re mainly VHS tapes from when my brother and I were little and it’s so fun to see those moments now that I have my own little ones–and to see our childhood dog and Grandpa again 🙂

I’m thrilled that YesVideo has now launched its new iPhone app! Now we can carry our memories around everywhere we go–showing these clips is way better than pulling out some wallet photos 😉 I’ve downloaded the app (it’s FREE!) and it’s really easy to use with some awesome features.

YesVideo iPhone App

YesVideo iPhone

Once downloaded, you can sign in with your YesVideo account email and password or more easily through Facebook. You get a quick intro screen with some tips on using the app (really, it’s all intuitive, you won’t have any trouble)!
YesVideo iPhone

The far left image above is the main menu. You can Rediscover (my favorite feature!), check out All My Movies, view My Favorites, and watch My Trailers. You can also Create Snapshots. The second image shows the thumbnails from “All My Movies,” the third image is “My Trailers,” and the last is explaining how to capture snapshots.

YesVideo iPhone

The Rediscover feature is just a very simple and very fun idea. Basically it rotates through clips from your movies so each time you visit you get thumbnails of new moments… our videos tend to be pretty long (home videos FTW!) and we don’t always want to sit through the whole thing so this is a really fun way to see sneak peeks and “rediscover” awesome moments. Like my puppy?! Aww, I miss Benji! And the other images are from Christmas, Easter, and a birthday!

YesVideo iPhone
The Snapshot feature is also very cool. While watching video you can hit the snapshot button and save or share it. You can select just that snapped image or a 4-image picture (shown above), and can even choose to animate it for some fun gifs! Share it via email, instagram, or facebook, or save it to your iPhone’s camera roll. Print them and gift them, too!

YesVideo iPhoneYou can watch clips right on your iPhone, scrolling through chapters and selecting what you want and even expanding it to “full screen.” Watching and see something you want to share? Easy! Select the chapter(s) you want to share, add a personal message, and send it off by email or Facebook.

The new YesVideo iPhone app for iOS 7 really is easy to use and puts your memories at your fingertips, everywhere you go. It’s free and you can download it now! Here’s a video walk-through of the app from YesVideo so you can see the features in use.

YesVideo iPhone

Show the love and find YesVideo on Facebook and Twitter! Use the hashtag #RememberWhen to share your memories. It’s not too late to give the gift of memories this holiday season! Get a YesVideo gift card (available at Target).

~This post was written in a partnership with YesVideo. All opinions are my own!


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