Language Stars: foreign language class for kids

~This post was written in a partnership with MtoM Consulting and Language Stars. All opinions are my own.

I think knowing at least one other language is extremely valuable and I wish I did!!! I took 4 years of latin in high school, but I really don’t remember much… I know the words that anyone else would know, too (like how arbor means tree lol). It’s easier to learn a second language when you’re younger and your mind is like a sponge. That’s why it’s so great to get kids started early–if my husband or I could speak another language in our home, that’d be a great for our kids…. but we can’t!

Language Stars is a play-driven foreign language class for kids between the ages of 1 and 10. Using a high-energy, FunImmersion® method of instruction, students learn a foreign language through games, art projects, music, and more. What an awesome way to learn! Want to win a FREE MONTH? Enter below!

foreign language class for kids

There are 15 Language Stars locations in the Chicago area and from January 6 through January 18 all locations are hosting Free Class WeeksYou can take your child to one FREE class AND you’ll get a $10 iTunes gift card for attending! Plus, if you enroll during this time you’ll get $100 off your tuition.

How does the foreign language class for kids work at Language Stars?

There are different programs based on age and parents stay with the younger kids in a “parents & tots” program while the older kids play and interact on their own! You can check out the curriculum, too, for an idea of how the kids learn… goals, songs, themes, etc. Of course, to get the BEST feel for a class… go visit!!! For FREE during this offer! The teachers are native speakers of each language, too, which is awesome!

foreign language class for kids

What languages are offered?

There are 5 different languages to choose from at Language Stars: Spanish, Mandarin, French, German, and Italian. No language is easier to learn than another so choose based on preference for your child… will it help them communicate with other family members? Is it part of their heritage? Or maybe it will open them to new opportunities.

Young children below the age of 10 have a unique ability to absorb a foreign language like a sponge, and to build a foundation in a new language alongside their primary language.  By learning from Language Stars’ dynamic, native-speaking teachers, they will also absorb a foreign language with a native accent—something that grows more challenging as they enter adolescence and adulthood.

You can find Language Stars on twitter and facebook and here are the 15 Chicago locations so you can go visit during these Free Class Weeks and get your iTunes gift card and $100 off tuition (if you decide to sign up)! Don’t forget this great deal ends January 18th! You can fill out a short form on their website or call 1-866-557-8277.

Have fun!
Avoir du plaisir!
Spaß haben!

GIVEAWAY: win a FREE MONTH of classes! Please use the form below to enter–good luck!
~This post was written in a partnership with MtoM Consulting and Language Stars. All opinions are my own.

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