Curious Critters Volume Two by David FitzSimmons

Product was received to facilitate this review of Curious Critters. All opinions are my own.

A couple of years ago we received the book Curious Critters by David FitzSimmons. Ryan was young and we were still reading basic board books, but this book quickly became a favorite. It was a must-read every day—or, really, like 12 times a day, haha. He was fascinated by the large and bright photographs, the interesting animals, and learning all of their names.

Curious Critters

Curious Critters by David FitzSimmons

I was thrilled to hear that a second edition was coming out: Curious Critters Volume Two! Of course we HAD to have it! Check out their website to see the books and sample pages. It also has lots of fun stuff: coloring pages and word searches you can print for kids, postcards and stickers, and audiobooks.

The pages in these books are bright and colorful. Detailed photographs spread across clean, white pages. Fun facts and descriptions come with each Curious Critter. I think these books are favorites in our house because our kids really are curious about these critters… they aren’t ones they typically see. They love learning their names, pointing out their features, counting their legs, and asking questions. I learn a lot, too!

Curious Critters

The photos and fun facts are awesome. But Ryan’s favorite thing to do with these books comes at the end. Seen below, there’s a summary page. It shows all the critters and a brief description. Ryan goes through them over and over until he knows ALL of their names. Or I ask him to find one (“Where’s the gold-green sweat bee?”) and he points it out!

Then there’s the life-size silhouettes. It’s really cool to see how they all compare to each other and how big or small they are in real life. Ryan has fun by trying to identify each silhouette by its name…. he really does amaze me!

Curious Critters

MORE! Now there are Audiobooks! You can hear each Curious Critter with their distinctive voice, sing along to the theme song, and have fun hearing each Critter come to life.

Get your own Curious Critters books (and audio, stickers, etc.) on their website! Each book (signed by the author!) is $19.95. I definitely recommend these books—they aren’t your typical children’s story books, but I promise they’ll be household favorites! Make sure you find Curious Critters on Facebook, too!

Curious Critters

Product was received to facilitate this review of Curious Critters. All opinions are my own.

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