Family memories captured with YesVideo

Life is all about memories, right? We take photos and videos, we write journals and make scrapbooks, and we sit and reminisce and tell stories. I’ve talked a lot about YesVideo here on my blog because I love their memory-making services. They take photographs and video (tapes, files, etc.) and convert them to digital files and DVD, allowing you to watch and share anywhere!

yesvideo family memories

My family has used their services many times with old VHS tapes. We don’t even own a VHS player anymore and some tapes were unplayable anyway. Tons of old home movies and loved memories that we thought were lost and gone… until we sent them off to YesVideo. I know it might seem scary to send away precious memories, but YesVideo has a LOT of checks (and rechecks and more rechecks) in place to ensure your photos and videos are safe and returned to you. I’ve visited their CA location and saw the whole process!


We sent videos of my grandpa from when I was a little kid. He passed away in 2009 and we miss him everyday. He was seriously the happiest and most considerate guy I’ve ever met. Ever. He’s the type of person you want to be like… the attitude toward life you can only hope you have until the end, too.

grandpa and grandma

I picked out this video clip to share with you because it just captures my grandpa so perfectly. This was Christmas at his house and he stood up to sing a Norwegian song. We’re proud Norwegians—he lived there when he was young, spoke the language, and made sure to include the heritage in our lives as we grew up. He was always singing some little tune and doing a little jig… I can’t help but smile through this entire clip (and tear up a bit, too).

You can recapture, save, and share your memories with YesVideo, too. Make sure you find them on Facebook and Twitter for any specials and deals!

grandpa at wedding

~Written in a partnership with YesVideo. All opinions are my own.

3 comments to Family memories captured with YesVideo

  • Beth

    Thanks for sharing this. You are so very lucky to have had the most wonderful grandfather! I am so proud to have had him as my dad. You described his love of life perfectly.I would have to agree that he was the most considerate guy ever. <3 Oh how we miss him!


  • aww Emily! The love you have for your grandfather speaks volumes about the type of person he was. I love that you have these memories with him!


  • joanna garcia

    aww that is something so precious to have and treasure forever! my grandma has been looking for something like this so now I know where I can refer her too! we want to save all the old pics and videos to something we can use nowadays! This will be great!


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