We’re Stuck on You! (personalized gifts for kids)

I’m such a sucker for anything personalized with my kids’ names. I think personalized gifts for kids are just too cute and I also really think they have helped my kids learn! They learn how to spell their name and letter recognition. My 4-year-old also gets excited to have his name on things… like it makes them extra special because they’re all his!

Ryan goes to preschool three mornings a week and we need all his stuff labeled anyway so why not an embroidered lunch box? It looks a bit better than my masking tape and marker 😉 I showed Ryan all the embroidered lunchboxes at Stuck On You and let him pick one out. There are super cute designs by Penny Scallan! He almost picked the apple one (which I love!), but ended up with the cars and houses design.

personalized lunchbox

We both love it! It’s made really well and is very durable (which is important when dealing with a toddler, haha). It zips on 3 sides for easy access and has a zippered pocket on the front, too, for napkins or silverware (or snack money for older kids). It’s embroidered with his name right on the front–very cute!

The lunchbox is a little on the smaller side because we can’t fit one of our rectangular bento boxes in it. But it’s still plenty large enough to fit all the food (and drink) he could need. It’s really easy to clean (poly canvas with PVC coating) and thermal lined on the inside to keep food fresh. There’s a little handle on top, too, so Ryan can proudly carry it himself! Now I just need one for little miss Rebecca!

personalized lunch box

And speaking of the little miss… she got something, too! We’re working on the alphabet with her so I thought the personalized wooden name puzzle from Stuck on You would be perfect! It’s always more fun to learn letters when you’re spelling your name and doing it with a puzzle game. Rebecca immediately went at it! After we gave her some time to just explore the puzzle and work with all the pieces, we started saying the letters (and colors!).

name puzzle

She definitely knows that it spells her name and is starting to repeat the letters without our help. She does get the similar looking ones confused–the e’s and the c’s, but is doing great! Today we went to play and she said, “Oh no! R! Where R?!” because all the letters were there except the R! She was so concerned, haha. She just turned 2 and this has been perfect for her. You can get it in the rainbow colors like we have or shades of pinks and purples. They have a wooden number puzzle, too, that might be next on our wish list!

personalized gifts for kids

Check out all the great products from Stuck on You, like name labels and tags and a special Easter collection! Watch for more reviews here on Baby Dickey, too 🙂 Find them on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest! Use the code BABYDICKEY at checkout for FREE SHIPPING through the next week!

~Product was received to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own!

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