Prom dresses at a wedding?

I love the spring season, even if it is still freezing cold here. It will warm up soon enough and then it’s time for wedding season to begin! We’re at the age where friends all around us are getting married and we have a few to attend this year. I love buying new dresses for weddings so I’ve been shopping around. Bridesmaid dresses can look a little too fancy (you know, if you aren’t actually in the bridal party!), but a lot of prom dresses look great! They make fun party dresses and they’re totally in season, too, with prom coming up at schools at the end of the school year.

This website has all kinds of dresses and I was looking at these for inspiration: The full length dresses are beautiful and some might work at a wedding, but I like shorter styles. You can easily sort the dresses by lots of categories on the left—price, neckline, silhouette, hemline, fabric, straps, color, etc… so here are the 6 prom dresses I picked out:

prom dresses

Do you have a young one attending prom this year? Or are you attending any weddings or fancy events? I love dress shopping and trying them all on is so fun. I’ve ordered a handful online before, picked one once they arrived, and returned the rest… not a bad way to shop especially with 2 toddlers in the house 😉 This site,, gives you the option to create a custom size, too, which is pretty cool. I’ve never done that before but I can imagine it’s useful! I’ve had to get plenty of dresses altered by a professional and that can get pricey.

What’s your favorite part about the spring season? I love the outdoor events, tank tops and dresses, iced coffees, flowers and birds, flip flops (or bare feet!), and being at the park with my kids 🙂

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