FertaMax: fertility multivitamins to maximize your chances (giveaway)

~Written in a partnership with FertaMax. Any opinions are my own.

I know how extremely lucky we have been to get pregnant right away with both of our children. I do not have personal experience with infertility issues or loss and for that I am very thankful. I do, however, know many people in my life that have struggled with it. It brings disappointment, frustration, feelings of failure, it tests your patience, and puts you on a roller coaster of emotions. I have seen loss and infertility and my heart truly goes out to everyone affected.

As a mom in the “baby space,” I’m always looking for new products and great brands. Besides being a parenting blogger, I’m a local ICAN leader (International Cesarean Awareness Network) and secondary infertility can be a side effect of a cesarean surgery. I also host a local LABORfest event (Learning About Birth Options in Rockford) and I’m working on my childbirth educator certification. I always need the latest and greatest news and products!

So I was really interested in and excited to see this brand new company, FertaMax. They offer all-natural, complete formula multivitamins that are great for preparation for fertility and trying to conceive, pre-natal, and post-natal. It takes moms through the whole journey and even FertaMax for Men is there for dads in the beginning!

fertility multivitamins


FertaMax for women and men?

Yes! The journey to conceive takes two. We all know men and women are different, so the formulas and ingredients in their FertaMax need to be different, too, to help each parent reach the peak of their fertility.

FertaMax for Women: 

  • Improves ova quality
  • Supports fertility and female reproductive health
  • Balances hormonal levels
  • Provides vitamins, minerals and green foods for nutritional balance and antioxidant protection

FertaMax for Men:

  • Increases sperm count and quality
  • Improves sperm motility
  • Supports male reproductive health
  • Provides vitamins, minerals and green foods for nutritional balance and antioxidant protection

fertility multivitamins FertaMax

What is in these fertility multivitamins?

You can see the full nutritional panels for both Women and Men products on their website. Herbal extracts, vitamins, minerals, green foods, fruits, veggies, folic acid, flax seed, antioxidants, zinc…

FertaMax was created by parents that struggled themselves with infertility. They were told their chances of conceiving were “low to the point of impossible” and that they should adjust to life without their own children. Then, many years later… they had a baby boy in 2013 🙂

fertility multivitamins Fertamax

You can read the 10 Reasons to use FertaMax when trying to conceive and make sure you find them on facebook, twitter, and pinterest! Check out your purchasing options and enter to win some here! Use my code BabyDickey20 for $20 OFF your order! Expires April 14, 2014!

GIVEAWAY: one reader will win the Mom & Dad Starter Kit! It includes 2 bottles (one for women and one for men) for a 45-day supply. Please use the form below to enter—good luck!

~Written in a partnership with FertaMax. Any opinions are my own.

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