15 Gluten-Free Sunday Night Dinners

I recently talked about our family attempting to go gluten-free. No, we don’t have any gluten intolerance or even much sensitivity to it (that we know of), but we think it’s a healthier decision for our family. We started slow as we figured out things to avoid and what to buy. We are still learning where to find everything we need in the grocery store (or in the multiple stores we need to visit as a result). Recreating recipes has been the hardest part as we completely change the way we’re used to doing things!

I created this collection on foodie.com: 15 Healthy Gluten-Free Sunday Night Dinners. There’s a crockpot meal for those busy Sundays, some meat, some veggie, and some fish. My husband loves fish and I have spent my life so far avoiding it, but have really been trying lately to add it to my diet. I figure if I can find some great recipes I’ll have a better shot 😉 Most of these are fairly easy gluten-free meals with easy to find ingredients.

Gluten Free DinnersTilapia Pan-Fried & Gluten-Free from Sippity Sup

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