Baby Registry Tips: do you need all that stuff?

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Creating a baby registry is sooooo much fun, but also soooo overwhelming. I remember walking into the store the first time with my husband to create our registry. Rows and rows of products, 5 (or 30!) different types of the same thing, what do we REALLY need and what can we do without? I had read about products but still felt unprepared! We asked for help, then we went home and changed the baby registry online—again and again (thank goodness for that option).

As a mom of two and a blogger that receives various baby products to test out, I get asked all the time about registries and must-haves. My opinion has changed a lot since being pregnant with #1 to having two kids at home. First, I wanted it all. Now, I know what actually never got used and what was used. Every. Single. Day.

baby registry tips

Baby Registry Tips

  • Necessary Gear: a car seat. Most would also throw in a stroller here, too. I’m honestly not a big fan of “travel systems” that come together and would rather pick out a stroller that has the ability to use a car seat attachment. Newborns can’t lie in strollers (unless the stroller has a bassinet feature) so if you plan on using a stroller at the young age, you need the attachment for the car seat (or you can just babywear). Go for an infant car seat and a convertible car seat (you won’t use the latter for like a year, but they’re expensive so it helps when someone else is able to buy it for you!).

baby registry tips stroller

  • Extra gear: not as necessary, but many people opt in for a pack ‘n’ play. We rarely used ours, but I think it’d be a great gift for Grandma and Grandpa’s house or if you travel a lot. There are swings, bouncers, activity centers… I’d go for a walker. I also like the floor mat activity gyms that allow baby to explore a bit more than a swing or bouncer. They can practice rolling and wiggling.

baby registry tips floor mat

  • MUST-HAVE: I seriously think the Baby Bjorn Babysitter is all you need in terms of “extra gear.” LOVE IT.

baby registry tips must have

  • Clothes & bibs: people will buy these for you anyway, so I wouldn’t bother registering for them. You’ll also want to pick out and buy your own so trust me, you’ll be SET on baby clothes and bibs. Babies don’t need bibs until AT LEAST 6 months anyway and they’re so cheap, just pick some up later to leave your registry for things you really need people to buy.
  • Babywearing: so wonderful for babies. I like wraps for newborns and soft-structured carriers for ages beyond that. Newborns can’t lie in most strollers (they don’t recline far enough) and babies want and need to be close to mama anyway. Great for comfort and bonding AND lets you get things done with your hands free.

baby registry tips babywearing

  • Breastfeeding & bottles: depends if you’ll be working or staying home. Staying home? Just a couple of bottles for when others want to feed or you’re out. Working? A good set of them. Some babies are really picky about their bottle/nipple so I actually wouldn’t invest in too many before baby comes. With breastfeeding, they wouldn’t even need bottles for a few weeks anyway so you have time. Check with your insurance to see if a pump is covered. Working? Get a double, electric pump. Staying home? Whatever you prefer – a hand pump may even be fine, but it might annoy you, haha.

baby registry tips breastfeeding

  • Blankets: “receiving” blankets are great, but they aren’t large enough to properly swaddle a baby, FYI! They should be large and square shaped. I love muslin ones. They also make great light cover-ups: stroller blankets, breastfeeding cover-up, etc.
  • Diapering: again, you’ll get lotions and creams anyway, but you might as well register for the brand you want. Pick out a diaper pail. Or if you want to cloth diaper (which I’m a fan of!), register for some cloth diapers and wet bags (2 large ones to use at home, 2 smaller ones to use in the diaper bag).

baby registry tips cloth diapers

  • Burp cloths: you know, my babies never really spit up much at all, but there are always messes. I have found that the BEST thing to use is the Gerber flat “cloth diaper that’s like a gauze material. It’s absorbent, it’s large to really get all the mess, and it’s thin for easy storage and transport. My kids (ages 4 and 2) are well beyond the burp cloth stage but we still have sets of these in our kitchen cabinet! The same ones from when they were babies! We still use them to clean spills and as napkins for the kids.
  • Baby bathtub: eh. I mean, most people get one but I found that most of the time I just got in the bathtub with my baby. They don’t bathe THAT often and soon enough they’ll be sitting in the tub. I haven’t tried this sink tub, but it does look interesting, too, for something to have on hand.

When I’m buying for another new mama, I definitely try to stick to their registry. After all, they picked out the things they want! But I also try to pick something from the registry that I used myself and loved. Something that will be useful and maybe others won’t buy it… I LOVE buying babywearing carriers for other moms.

What’s your go-to baby shower gift?

We registered at a few stores, including, where a lot of our friends and family shopped for us (thank you)! Have you created your own registry yet? What are your registry must-have items?

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