Get Well Kit for Kids (and Target giveaway)

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I hate when I get sick. Okay, I know no one enjoys being sick, but does a mom ever REALLY get to be sick?! I work from home with 2 toddlers at my feet. There is no “sick.” It’s even worse when my kids don’t feel well—seeing them suffer is heartbreaking.

When you get sick, no matter how old you are, you want your mom, right?! Because she knows how to comfort and take care of you… she babies you. I know I baby my kids! There are always those items you get, too, just when you’re sick–like a care package–so when I have to run out and fill a prescription, I like stopping at one spot to get it all. Here’s my go-to get well kit for kids:

get well kit for kids

  • Juice: we like the Honest pouches for our kids. When I was young, my parents always got me 7-Up or Sprite when I was sick. That carbonation helped settle the stomach. My kids don’t drink any pop yet, but once they’re a bit older we’ll probably grab this, too!
  • A rice sock: okay, I know they sell heating pads AND freezer packs, but I like a good old rice sock. Buy a tube sock and some rice and you’re done. It goes in the microwave when you want hot and it goes in the freezer when you want cold! We keep ours in the freezer and the kids ask for it (even when they aren’t sick).
  • A coloring book: most sick kids probably don’t feel up for arts and crafts, but maybe as they start to feel a little bit better and are still stuck inside the house it will give them something to do. At the very least, it’s a little gift you picked up just for them while getting their medicine so they feel special!
  • Warm fuzzy socks: because, hello! Every needs warm fuzzies. Or you could get a small blanket or stuffed animal–you know what your kid would love.
  • Crackers: something to nibble on. Maybe some soup and applesauce.

I can get all of this stuff AND my kids’ prescriptions at the Target Pharmacy. It’s close to our house, it’s super convenient and easy, and there are some great perks:

  • Text Alerts: you can shop while you’re waiting! When your prescription is done and ready to be picked up, they’ll send you a text.
  • Mobile access: manage prescriptions from your phone.
  • Pharmacy Rewards: after filling 5 prescriptions, you get 5% off a whole day of shopping (both in-store and online).
  • Clear Rx: brand-name equivalent prescriptions are available for less.
  • “A Better Pharmacy Experience:” J.D. Power ranked Target Pharmacy, “Highest in customer satisfaction among mass merchandiser pharmacies.”


What are your go-to “get well” items when you have sick kids?

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