You’re doing OK, mom! (raise money for Save the Children)

When you’re going to have a baby you do so much research on caring for them, right? You read books about the pregnancy and birth, you read about newborn issues and interview pediatricians, you get your home prepared… but what you aren’t going to be ready for is something that isn’t often talked about: mommy guilt and worry.

You will start to question every decision you make, you’ll feel pressures from society that will make you wonder if you’re a terrible mother, and you’ll wonder if your kid is developing at the “right” speed. Did you do something wrong? Should you have done it another way? Did you really just feed your toddler cookies for breakfast?! (Yes. Yes, I have.)

Listen. Being a mom is HARD. You’re suddenly responsible for this little life. You’ve turned into a doctor, a therapist, a game maker, a psychologist, a teacher… and sometimes, in the midst of it all, you just need a pat on the back. You need someone to say, “You’re amazing and you’re doing a wonderful job.” Right?! A little reassurance that we’re all OK.

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I struggled a lot with the mommy guilt after our first, Ryan, was born. It was a (surprise) c-section and pretty devastating for me. I had major bonding issues and was depressed for awhile. I asked myself all the time what I did wrong and how it was affecting our son. I blamed myself for all of it.

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Luckily I have a supportive mother of my own that has helped reassure me that I’m a great mom! We all try our best, right? We are all OK! And the most important thing to your little ones is that you’re there for them, loving them, and reassuring them that they are loved and safe.

Moms deserve support and appreciation every day, but especially on Mother’s Day! It’s a great day to show the moms in your life that you care. I’m lucky to have a mom that’s one of my best friends, an amazing mother-in-law, two grandmas, and so many other lovely women in my life–aunts, cousins, and friends–all moms that are doing OK!

save the children

Save the Children

Watch this lovely “You’re Doing OK, Mom” video (it totally makes me tear up!). For every view of the video between now and Mother’s Day, JOHNSON’S Baby will donate $1 to Save the Children, up to $50,000!!!

Save the Children® is an organization that gives children around the world a healthy start, the opportunity to learn, and protection from harm.

Want to acknowledge moms in your life and share your own experiences about entering motherhood? Join the Twitter Party on May 8th, 2014, at 1pm EST (12pm CST)! Follow the hashtag #YoureDoingOKMom and you can get more details and RSVP here. OF COURSE there will be prizes, too!


~Written in partnership with The Motherhood. Any opinions are my own!

3 comments to You’re doing OK, mom! (raise money for Save the Children)

  • Beth

    Yes, you’re a wonderful mom! It is quite obvious when I watch you and your kids interact. They absolutely adore you and they know they are so loved. You are their world. Also, look at how wonderful Ryan and Rebecca are! Ryan is a kind and caring little boy with an amazing amount of love to share & great amount of knowledge.. Rebecca is developing into an intelligent, independent little sweetheart who has no problem sharing all the love she has inside her little heart. Both of them are a reflection of you because you ARE an amazing person & mother who tries to balance it all. Much love and respect to you! <3


  • I love this campaign. And the video? Makes me ugly cry. It’s so amazing to see our little people and the ways they let us know we aren’t screwing up!


    Emily Dickey Reply:

    Right?! Makes me cry, too, it all goes by so fast! <3


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