FROZEN and PLANES games for kids! with Wonder Forge

My kids LOVE playing games. I’m asked at least 6 times a day by my 4-year-old to play games. We have a closet full of them and while we have some favorites that get played over and over, we typically rotate through all of them! With so much game play (and sometimes playing the same game repeatedly), I hope to have fun with the games we play, too. So I’m back with more from Wonder Forge! I’ve talked about them here before, we have so many of their games…. Doc McStuffins, Sofia the First, Jake and the Never Land Pirates, Dr. Seuss, Chuggington, Curious George…. and so many more!

I couldn’t pass up the FROZEN Matching Game. We’ve only watched FROZEN about 209348 times and Ryan sings along to the whole movie. Rebecca (2) will add in a “gooooo!” in “Let it Go,” haha. We’ve played matching games many times before so this was nothing new, but seeing those familiar faces was so exciting for the kids! Note: there are many more pieces than shown below. Sometimes we play a shorter/easier game by doing less matches!


Ryan likes to name each character every time we turn over a card or maybe a little story about what’s going on in the image, haha. I love the creative mind of a 4-year-old! It’s great for memory and matching skills and patience—Ryan has to wait for me to take my turn even if he knows where the next match is! You can buy from a bunch of retailers including Amazon where it’s $11.99.

FROZEN matching game

We also got the PLANES Sky Race Action Game to try out. Sometimes Ryan likes to just watch the shows or movies he already knows and will NOT watch anything new. PLANES is one of those “new” movies he refuses to watch. I keep trying because *I* really want to see it, haha, and I thought maybe playing a super fun game would get him into it!


This game is really fun and it’s an active one! You set up stations throughout the house and get to fly the foam airplanes to each one in a different, fun way (like throwing between your legs or with your opposite hand or upside down). It’s a great physical one for Ryan and I think he learns much more by practicing throws with the airplane and what happens. It’s a great competitive one… “I’m going to get my plane closer than you, mom!” But he is a gracious loser when I get my plane closer 😉 At the end you add up the points you received (harder throws are worth more and you get the card if your plane is closer) so Ryan practices his math, too.

PLANES sky race game

You can buy this PLANES sky race game from many retailers, too, including Amazon where it’s $19.99. Do your kids love other Disney movies or characters? Wonder Forge has lots to choose from and, for example, you can get the FROZEN Matching Game shown here in many other themes.

You can also find Wondr Forge on Facebook and Twitter!

~Product was received to facilitate this review. Any opinions are my own.

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  • Katie

    Those games look great and I believe your kid gets lots of positive energy while playing those. I wonder about online games. Obviously those made to develop completely different skills in kids. But do you see any positive influence of online games on your kid?


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