NEW: super lightweight stroller by Urbini!

I’ve tested out my fair share of strollers, checked out my friends’ and read plenty about all of them. I’m a big fan of lightweight strollers that are easy to throw (literally) into the car in a hurry. They’re for those quick trips or when your kid might want to walk most of the time, but you bring a stroller “just in case.” What if you could have that SUPER lightweight stroller AND some fancy features of a full-size one?

New lightweight stroller by Urbini: the Hummingbird

lightweight stroller

Urbini is a new brand with headquarters in Boston and it just launched this February! They have a few strollers and car seats, including this super duper amazing lightweight stroller, the Hummingbird (love the name). You guys, it’s less than 7 pounds! 6.61 pounds to be exact. I think my pinky could lift it… I didn’t try… but now I’m totally going to.

Urbini Hummingbird: so lightweight, my 4-year-old can carry it…

lightweight stroller

Besides the amazing weight of this stroller, there are a couple of other features I love. For an “umbrella” stroller, it has a great storage basket. It folds with ONE HAND and STANDS on its own. Yes, that deserved caps in your face because it’s that awesome. And the front wheels lock for rougher terrain.

urbini hummingbird lightweight stroller

  1. Nicely sized canopy and folds flat or extends.
  2. One-handed folding system. Slide the red tab with your thumb to unlock, then squeeze the red button underneath the handle and the stroller just collapses down and clicks itself into a locked position!
  3. The child bar is soft and bendy! It detaches from one side (again, something you can do with one hand) and swivels out for easy access.
  4. Great storage basket underneath.
  5. Soft, padded seat.
  6. Front swivel wheels lock for rougher terrain.
  7. Reclining seat, just pull the tab down. To put the seat back up, just pull the other side and slide the lock up. I do wish it reclined a little bit more, but at least it’s something (compared to umbrella strollers that don’t recline at all)!
  8. It STANDS on its own when folded. Love it!
  9. Locking rear wheels.

lightweight stroller by Urbini

My 4-year-old son likes to push around his little sister in the Hummingbird lightweight stroller and he even fits in it, too! His head did not hit the canopy and his feet rested on the foot rest. I’m impressed! It does hold up to 50 lb (and Ryan is only like 35). It also has a 5-point safety harness with pads, a padded foam handle, and a reinforced frame made from special aluminum. It’s a great lightweight stroller!

Urbini Hummingbird lightweight stroller

You can get the Urbini Hummingbird stroller at Walmart for $99. It comes in black, lime (shown here), raspberry (pink), and peacock (blue). Check out Urbini and their other products on Facebook and Twitter!

~Product was received to facilitate this review. Any opinions are my own.

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