Summer Sleepovers: fun ideas for the kids!

Is anyone else constantly singing, “schooooooool’s out for SUMMER, schoooooool’s out for.EVER!” We are now a month into my 4-year-old’s summer vacation and it already feels like forever, haha. Summer is wonderful for a million reasons and I can’t wait to spend it outside and being active with my kids, but summer also comes with its own challenges, like keeping the kids entertained!

With friends and cousins, sleepovers are definitely a thing of the summer! We like to host at our house… our backyard is great for kids and we have an extra bedroom, if needed. Here are some ideas to make those summer sleepovers EXTRA FUN…

FUN with summer sleepovers for the kids

summer sleepoversSource (modified from Pawel L. on flickr; license)

  • Sleeping Space. My vote is for a FORT! Have the kids make it or you can help out, too, with the younger kids. Cover the family room in blankets. Grab their favorite sleeping bag. We have a playhouse in our backyard that makes for “getaway sleepovers!” If you’d rather they stay in the bedroom, transform their room into a pirate ship or clubhouse.

Summer Sleepovers: make a fortSource

  • Summer Sleepover Games. When I was a kid, we always played “piggly wiggly” in our sleeping bags. The kids could make cardboard box cars and then end the night with a “drive in movie.”  Host outdoor olympics if the weather is nice—burn some of that never-ending energy, haha. How about some good old board games or a contest to see who can build the tallest tower out of marshmallows and toothpicks?
  • Summer Sleepover Food. Combine the games and fun with the food! I loved the do-it-yourself “food bars” at sleepovers, like making our own mini pizzas! Smash the dough, sprinkle the cheese, add all your favorite toppings! Or maybe a taco bar? End with a DIY ice cream sundae bar.

summer sleepovers fun with foodSource (modified from wwworks on flickr; license)

  • Summer Sleepover Classics: we can’t forget about catching fireflies! Or watching the stars at night—bring their sleeping bags outside so it’s extra cozy. Sparklers are always a fun night activity, especially in July! Other fun things in the dark when the kids are staying up later than normal: glow sticks (my 4yo is obsessed), flashlight tag, shadow puppets, and bedtime stories by night light.
  • Summer Sleepover Pajamas: extra special pajamas make a kid feel extra special for their big sleepover! At Stuck On You, you can get personalized clothing, including a summer pj set!! On sale now for just $22.45. You can pick colors for the cute t-shirt and shorts, artwork (everything your kid could possibly love! Robots, dinosaurs, flowers, horses, birds, monsters, ballet, etc… SO many options), and personalize with their name. They sent us some to check out: Ryan got astronauts (he loves the moon!) and Rebecca got owls—their names are even on the little pocket on the back of the shorts! Too cute. And definitely special 🙂

pajamas for summer sleepovers

I did a review previously of some great personalized toys we got from Stuck On You. I just love everything there! In the fall when school starts back up again (so long, summer!) we’ll have to head to Stuck On You for name labels.

How do your kids have fun during their summer sleepovers?

summer pjs from stuck on yousummer pj designs from stuck on you

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