6 ways to get kids to eat fruits and vegetables

Those days when my little toddler used to eat everything in sight? I miss those days. Now he has suddenly become he super picky eater and I better know his “rules” about his food or he won’t be eating. For example: heaven forbid if different foods on his plate are touching each other! Thank goodness for bento boxes and divided plates 😉 He also can’t have any “crumbs,” as he calls them—that basically means no toppings. No cheese sprinkled on his eggs or pasta, no pepper (visible, at least), no sprinkles on his cake!!!, no toppings on pizza. PLAIN. NO CRUMBS!

The daily recommended allowance for fruits and vegetables for children between the ages of two and six is 5 or more servings per day (2 fruits, 3 vegetables).

Fruit is pretty easy… both of my kids LOVE it! Ryan calls melon “lemon,” Rebecca always asks for grapes, and they could both eat bowlfuls of strawberries.

Veggies? That’s another story. I try to teach by example and if they see me eating, they might eat it, too—or at least try it! Most regularly we make potatoes, asparagus, salad, broccoli, salad, and carrots. But getting the kids to eat them (and healthy portions) can be difficult.

ways to get kids to eat fruits and vegetables

Here are six ways to get kids to eat fruits and vegetables:

1) Smoothies: Smoothies make great breakfasts, snacks, and “treats.” Look for recipes that include fruits, vegetables, and protein. Or try one of Sprout’s Smash Smoothies when you’re on the go. My kids love to help making them, too, which makes them more likely to drink them!

2) Yogurt Mix-ins: Mix fresh fruit or no-sugar-added jam into your child’s Greek yogurt. Makes it extra delicious!

3) Veggies and Dip: Toddlers love dipping things, so offer fresh or steamed veggies with dipping sauces. Carrot sticks, sugar snap peas, or fresh or steamed broccoli with ranch dip all make great snacks and/or side dishes. Other popular dip choices include Greek yogurt dips, guacamole, and Thousand Island dressing. Ryan is always asking for dip!!! Seriously, I can serve him almost anything as long as there’s “dip.”

4) Fruit Blends/Purees: Look for fruit blends and purees with multiple fruit ingredients, not just apples! If you haven’t already, try Sprout’s Toddler Superfruit Purees that contain organic fruit blends. Rebecca calls them “pouches” and it’s about the first thing she asks for every morning.

5) Pancakes/Waffles: Mix fresh berries such as blueberries, blackberries, and strawberries in the batter before cooking your pancakes and waffles. We also make “pancake bites” where you take your fresh fruit (our favorite is banana slices), dip them in pancake batter, and cook. Now you have fun little finger foods!

6) Toddler Snacks: Toddlers love snacks that are made just for their little hands and Sprout’s Fruit & Veggie Crispy Chews and Fruity Yogurt Bites contain wholesome and organic fruit and vegetable ingredients. Try them! My kids love them:

ways to get kids to eat fruits and vegetables

What are your favorite fruits and veggies and ways to get kids to eat them?

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