Bumbleride’s NEW Indie 4 stroller: ready. explore. uniquely you.

Last fall I tried out the wonderful Bumbleride Indie stroller and still LOVE it! It moves like a dream. If you remember, I had that video of my then 3-year-old pushing his little sister in it because it IS so easy and he even commented about how “fast” it goes.

So when I heard Bumbleride was introducing a NEW version of the Indie stroller… one with FOUR wheels (instead of three), I had to try it! I first encountered it at the ABC Kids Expo last fall. I mostly wondered if it would still move amazingly well, like its sister stroller. YES, it definitely does! Bumbleride’s Indie 4

bumbleride indie 4 strollerready. explore. uniquely you: Bumbleride Indie 4 stroller

And… bassinet! I adore anything with a bassinet. I think I need another baby just to use the bassinet… hint hint, to the husband 😉 The stroller seat and the bassinet are two separate pieces so you will need storage for whichever you aren’t using. The bassinet does easily and nicely fold flat, though, with a simple sliding bar at the base!

bumbleride indie 4 bassinetThere’s a nice zippered cover for the bassinet and of course the large canopy works with it, too. You can remove the bassinet from the stroller to use like a bed, which would be useful when your baby falls asleep on the walk! The Indie 4 comes with a car seat adapter, too, if you’d like to use it with your infant car seat.

bumbleride indie 4 stroller

The stroller seat has an adjustable strap on the back for reclining the seat to any position. You can button up the top and the adjust the footrest up to create a really cozy resting space! Almost like the bassinet for older babies. I love the sides of the stroller when the seat is reclined and the protection and comfort that fabric provides.

bumbleride indie 4 stroller

The basket is easily accessible and nicely sized—I can put in my purse or diaper bag, stuffed animal, blanket, my son’s t-ball mitt and bat…. and I’m good to go! There’s a parent cup holder, too.

The canopy is awesome. It’s oversized and has a zip-off part for more air flow if you want it. It’s SPF 45, has a magnet closure peek-a-boo window, and a little pocket.

Let’s not forget: 5-point harness with shoulder pads, included bumper bar, wrist strap for safety, locking front wheels for rougher terrain, and a padded, adjustable handle. The weight capacity is 55 lb and to give you an idea, my 4.5-year-old weighs under 40.

indie 4 stroller

One of the reasons I’m a big fan of the Bumbleride brand is their use of eco-conscious fabric on their strollers. The Indie 4 is made up of 50% recycled PET (14 plastic bottles) and 50% bamboo charcoal fiber to help reduce landfill space while offering improved comfort and durability. The fabric wicks away moisture, too, which helps regulate your child’s temperature and inhibits bacterial growth.

I have to talk about the fold. Having tried out a good number of strollers, I’m super picky about how a stroller folds and stands (IF it stands). The Indie 4 has a simple fold—pull up on the two levers with both hands (pretty standard) and it basically folds in half. Then you’ll see a handle to easily carry it in the folded position. Why I love it: it auto locks (yea, not all strollers do!) AND (even better) it stands on its own when folded. A MUST. It doesn’t, however, easily move when folded—you have to carry it and it’s 22 lb, which isn’t bad and certainly manageable.

Indie 4 colors

I loooooooove the colors! I had to go with aquamarine (like my Indie) because it’s just so bright and beautiful! But I also love the green papyrus and cayenne red… and the lotus pink! Good luck choosing 😉

bumbleride mini board

Accessories? We got the mini-board to attach to the back of our Indie (pictured above) for Ryan and he loves his “skateboard.” I am slightly aware of the mini-board while I’m walking behind it, but I’ve never “tripped” on it or anything and the Indie still moves like a dream with it attached.

The child snack pack is another must-have for Bumbleride strollers. It goes right in front where the bumper bar was, zippers shut when you aren’t using it, and has two nice and deep compartments for snacks and drinks. It’s great!

bumbleride indie snack pack

The Bumbleride Indie 4 stroller is coming NOW! You can preorder for $599. Make sure you also find Bumbleride on Facebook and Twitter—from the mini-board and snack pack to the Indie 4, I can’t wait to see what they come out with next!!!

~I received product to facilitate this review. Any opinions are my own.

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