How to choose a photographer

We have hired MANY different photographers since having kids. Newborn photos, various milestones over the first year, family pictures, maternity sessions, and holidays. We’ve found photographers we’ll never use again and ones we’ll continue to hire… investing that time and money can be hard! I worked with friends at Catalyst Design & Photography in Rockford IL to come up with these tips on how to choose a photographer.

how to choose a photographer

How to choose a photographer:

1. Meet your photographer in person before working with them, if possible. Chemistry with your photographer is extremely important, especially for weddings! I think it’s crucial to have met your photographer prior to working with them so that you know if you get along and also what you can expect when the day of your photoshoot comes.

2. Make sure you like their style. Before picking a photographer make sure to check out their website, facebook page, or blog, etc. Read reviews if you can find some! Make sure that you like their style, for everything from editing to posing.

3. Ask what you get for your money. A lot of photographers have fees that come up AFTER your session. Before booking ask what is included in their session fee. A few questions to ask: How many photographers are included (for weddings I believe having two photographers is essential)? How many photos can you expect? How long will it take for you to get your photos? Are there any fees after the fact (printing, online gallery, etc)?

how to choose a photographer
how to choose a photographer
how to choose a photographer
how to choose a photographer
how to choose a photographer

Have you interviewed and chosen your photographer? Here are some more tips from Catalyst on how to prepare for your photoshoot:

1. Be natural. Try as much as possible to be natural during a session. Let the kids run around and have fun, don’t force your smile. Just be yourself. Some of the best shots photographers get are the ones that weren’t planned.

2. Don’t wear all white. Dressing everyone in the family in the same thing may seem like a good idea, but don’t do it! Instead, try having a “theme” for the session and dress everyone a little differently. For example, use Navy blue as a theme but use it in lots of different ways. That way you all look cohesive, but aren’t matchy matchy.  AND make sure that you and your family are comfortable in whatever you’re wearing (see number one)!

how to choose a photographer
how to choose a photographer
how to choose a photographer
how to choose a photographer
I’m a sucker for a photographer with nice, straight lines in their photos. It’s kind of crazy how many don’t pay attention to that and it’s one of the reasons I LOVE the work by Catalyst! Beautifully laid out photos!
From newborn, family, and portraits to commercial and wedding photography, Catalyst offers packages for all. They’re shooting my friend’s upcoming wedding later this month! Can’t wait to see the pics! You can see more of their work in their portfolio and find them on Facebook!

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