Halloween with Animal Jam: Night of the Phantoms

T-minus 4 days to Halloween! We’ve been scarfing all-things-pumpkin, working on costumes, and decorating with spiderwebs and skeletons. Now let’s have some fun!

Ryan heads to Animal Jam for interactive playground fun and I head to their Academy for all kinds of new ideas on crafts and activities. So, what do they have up their sleeve for Halloween? LOTS OF FUN!

Animal Jam

Night of the Phantoms!

You can find an entire Pinterest board of Halloween crafts. I had Ryan (our 4-year-old) look through and decide what masks he wanted me to print…

animal masks free printables“The TIGER, are you kidding, mom?!” They also have masks in color for download if your child prefers not to fill it in. Ryan definitely wanted to color in his own mask! He let me know he’d use whatever colors he wanted 😉 RAWR!

Hey, need a Halloween costume mask in a pinch? Use one of these masks!

free pumpkin stencilsWe can’t be the only family that hasn’t carved our Halloween pumpkins yet, right?! I bought them (step one, done!) and it’s on our to-do list before Friday! Animal Jam has handy pumpkin stencils you can print (for free) to make some cool designs of their spooky phantoms.

Animal Jam

And OF COURSE, go play Animal Jam! The interactive playground is totally decked out to be spooky (and fun). Ryan gets a kick out of it and has to tell me everything he sees. In the game above, the Phantoms are stealing all the candy!

Animal JamGet all the phantoms! That blue and purple “Fluttersaurus” is Ryan’s pet creation!

Ryan had to guide his pet through the spooky lands to get the phantoms (by touching them or running into them with his pet) and get the candy back! It has a 12-minute timer so it’s perfect for limiting game time, if you want to.

Animal Jam

Here’s another game Ryan navigated to on his Animal Jam playground. In this one, he had to protect his candy from the phantoms! They don’t like light so he had to use that to wave the phantoms away. As you beat the phantoms, you advance levels that get harder!

Ryan is almost 5 and many online games are too hard for him. I LOVE Animal Jam because it’s easy enough for him to get around and know what’s going on. With some waves of the mouse and some clicks here and there, he can play. It’s colorful, it’s exciting, it’s imaginative, and he loves it! I’ll admit, I play it, too, so the games aren’t just fun for the little ones!

So come find “Pioneer Zanypirate” on Animal Jam and play with us! 🙂 and have a HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

~Written in partnership with Animal Jam. Any opinions are my own!

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