The Urbini Emi Travel System

We already knew we were fans of the Urbini brand of baby gear because we loved the lightweight Hummingbird stroller. So when I had a chance to review the Urbini Emi Travel System, I couldn’t wait to check it out. If Urbini made an “umbrella” stroller with all the great features of a full-size, how would they make the actual full-size stroller even better?!

Urbini Emi Travel System

Urbini Emi Travel System

After putting it together and trying it out at home, I brought it to a local baby expo (you can see in my photos!) to show it off and see what other moms thought of it. They were excited to learn of the Urbini brand, ooo’d over the nice bright color, and almost all asked where they could find one 😉

The comfortable seat of the Emi stroller reclines into “carriage” mode (seen in the photo above). This is GREAT for using with new little babies. Plus, the canopy can extend really far! Or just tuck that red section back up for less coverage.

Urbini Emi

There’s a lot to the Emi stroller that you can customize, making it great for a range of ages AND for the parents. The handle easily adjusts to a comfortable height for pushing around and not only is the lower basket extra long, it has a zippered compartment! I’ve seen and tried a lot of strollers… I have to say that zippered area is definitely a winner. You don’t want to try to hang stuff from the handle because you risk the stroller tipping backwards. The option to store more things low to the ground is fantastic!

The Emi also has a parent tray for your drinks, car keys, or cell phone, etc. and it comes with the travel system, it’s not an additional purchase so that’s very nice.

Urbini Emi

The Urbini Emi stroller also comes with a child tray! It snaps right on and off so you can remove it easily for cleaning and still have a bar there—something (oddly?) my kids love to have there.

Urbini Emi

Holding children up to 50lb, the Urbini Emi still easily fits my 5.5-year-old son. The stroller itself weighs around 22lb, has a super awesome and easy fold (check out the video below), and fits easily in my trunk.

The Emi travel system comes with the Sonti infant car seat for babies from 4lb to 35lb and up to 32″. To give you an idea, my 3.5-year-old daughter would still fit in the Sonti based on weight and is only just barely out of range for height.

Urbini Sonti car sear

There’s a nice infant insert with head cushioning, a 5-point harness with strap covers, and a sensor on the side to help you install the seat correctly.

Overall, I like that this full-size stroller doesn’t feel like a typical large & clunky stroller. It’s easy to handle and has thoughtful features—my favorites are the zippered compartment on the basket and the quick-lift fold! Check out the features in action in this video:

Right?! How about that fold!?

The Urbini Emi travel system comes in red, electric (blue), viola (purple), or mist (silver). The suggested retail price is $249.99 for both the Emi stroller and the Sonti car seat and you can find it at Walmart!

Want to see more from Urbini?! Find them on Facebook and watch for news about their NEW strollers coming this fall: the Reversi, the Swiftli and the Omni Plus! I just saw a giveaway for the Swiftli over there so you might want to go check it out.


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