Is Clutter Taking Over Your House? Get it Organized with The Complete Book of Home Organization!

Having a toddler in the house has inspired me (mostly out of necessity) to get the house organized. My little guy enjoys emptying everything, all the time! Every single time I put away something that he’s dumped out, I notice all of the things that we don’t use anymore or that should be in a different space–but I always push it off til another time, thinking it will take forever. Organizing the entire house with a toddler around is a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be with The Complete Book of Home Organization by Toni Hammersley.


Toni takes her reader step by step through the entire house with a simple 15-week program designed to tackle even the smallest of spaces. The book is divided into three sections, with the first focused on the Kitchen & Dining spaces. This section, though the biggest, includes week 1, The Kitchen Challenge; week 2, The Pantry Challenge; and week 3, The Dining Room Challenge. These sections include ways to organize your pantry most effectively, how to utilize space in your freezer, how to showcase your prized collectibles, how to designate space for items you use most frequently, and how to set the overall tone for your home.

It’s amazing how little time you will spend cleaning these areas once you have organized them so effectively! I spend way less time picking up after my toddler now for two reasons: One, there is less stuff for him to get into! And two, I now have extra space to put a small basket of toys/activities for him to play with in designated areas such as the kitchen, bathroom, and car.

The second part of this book covers weeks 4-10, working through the ‘Launch Pad’ challenge, the Living Room Challenge, the Master Bedroom Challenge, the Master Closet Challenge, the Kids’ Closet Challenge, the Linen Closet Challenge, and the Bathroom Challenge!


The Launch Pad section has been my favorite to work through. Having a place for miscellaneous items has been a huge help! I have a fairly large counter space for my Launch Pad and it often gets cluttered. To help alleviate the clutter, I used the tips from the Launch Pad section to get things organized more efficiently! It was super easy to find appropriate sized bins on Amazon, as well as miniature chalk board signs I could attach as a label for each bin! After accounting for the majority of stuff piled on the counter, I narrowed it down to three bins that would help me the most: To-Do, Cold Weather items, and Returns. I chose the chalk board signs so I could easily change the label depending on what we need most. Once warm weather arrives, I will pack away the Cold Weather items and perhaps change the bin to an Outdoor Activity bin–putting in sidewalk chalk, bubbles, sun hats, sunscreen, etc. instead.


The third and final part of this book encompasses weeks 11-15, where you will go through the Office Challenge, the Playroom Challenge, the Laundry Room Challenge, the Garage Challenge, and the Car Challenge. this book really doesn’t miss a thing! I especially enjoyed the section on keeping your car tidy. I’m excited to continue working through it!


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