My list of must-haves for new babies

You guys, I’m on baby number three. If I thought our house was loud or life was busy before… now I’d describe is as simply chaotic! When this baby joined us last summer, I asked friends for tips and I quickly got things organized so life with three kids could continue more smoothly (and with less stress, haha). We got hanging organizers for the closets to put out sets of clothing, hooks for backpacks and totes, cubes for shoes, and more handy tricks.

Through the years, I’ve also learned to rely on and love certain brands—for everything from baby clothes and baby gear to breastfeeding products and toys. By baby number 3, I need my quick go-to places. Diapers .com is one of those places where I can find everything. So to help you speed up your own learning curve, here’s my collection of baby products to help you make your life with baby (number 1 or number 3!) easier…


A diaper bag that looks like a purse. Heading out with a super functional diaper bag with 25 pockets AND your fashionable purse? Nope, not with 3 kids you’re not. Anything that frees up more space and more hands is a win! One bag for all needs. This one is still filled with pockets inside, but looks like any other purse from the outside. It’s use will continue far beyond the baby years!

A baby carrier is a MUST. Any kind, whatever kind works for you. I personally prefer wraps, especially in the newborn days when they need more support. Soft structured carriers are great when they get a little bigger and you want something a little faster, but I still use woven wraps for my 4 year old! Another product that lasts from baby 1 through baby 3 (and more)!


Diaper changing stations. If you have your nursery all set up with a diaper changing table, that’s great! But you’ll likely be changing diapers most often anywhere but that room. Babies go through lots of diapers! Especially when you have more than one child, you’re going to want the ease of changing the diaper wherever is closest and quickest! Our bedrooms are upstairs, but we have a “diaper changing station” on the main floor. And in the car. And… you get the idea. The one pictured above is also great for on-the-go, throw it in that diaper bag/purse!


Wet bags are life savers. Think they’re just for cloth diapers? Nope. They’re fantastic for wet clothes (when baby’s diaper leaks or it’s covered in spit up), disposable diapers when you’re not near a trash can, swim suits and towels (get a bigger wet bag!), bibs and burp cloths, and even snacks (with the smaller bags). See how I’m a big fan of the products that last through the years?


My last must-have is another that lasts for years. These Gerber “cloth diapers” are not used as cloth diapers in our house. They are THE BEST multi-purpose cloths. They may not be cute or fluffy or covered in puppies, but they’re absorbent and last forever. We still have some of the same ones we used with our first, 7 years ago! They’re in our kitchen. Use them as burp cloths, towels, for spills and spit up, for finger paint and messes… again, from babies to household use years later!

What are some of your MUST HAVE baby products? Or your go-to shopping sites or brands? Life gets a bit easier when you get into a groove and when you have friends to share their parenting tips! <3

Written in partnership with Nakturnal, any opinions are my own.

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