Upscale resale: get the look for less

When I was little and my mom DRAGGED me shopping, she’d always tell me the day would come that I would LOVE to shop. Nope, never, I pouted.


Obviously I now love to shop (too much) and even more so for my two little ones! I always look in their departments first or update their wardrobes before my own. It’s all too cute! And there will come a day when they won’t let me dress them anymore ;)

Kids grow out of sizes so quickly, it’s a shame to spend full price on quality upscale brands–they wear them for such a short time! I am CRAZY over resale shops and you know what I’m even crazier about? The ease of shopping online. It’s nearly impossible for me to shop in-store with a 4- and 2-year-old. Right?!

upscale resale

Moxie Jean is an upscale resale online shop where you can get the look for less! Every item is hand inspected and they carry top brands, high quality and gently used clothing for babies and kids.

upscale resale

You guys, I’m obsessed with checking this site. Thankfully you can sign up for email notifications of new inventory, haha (and signing up gets you 20% off!).

This is awesome for your back-to-school shopping! When I shopped Moxie Jean a few weeks ago, there wasn’t much for school in the sizes I needed (girls 3T and boys 5T), but there is now!!!! There’s a TON. Which only means I need to go shopping again!

upscale resale

I opted for fall pajamas… one of my most favorite things to buy! Back-to-school time also means cooler weather and the pajama sets I found on Moxie Jean for both kids were perfect! Dinosaurs and super heros for Ryan, two of his favorite things ever right now, and polar bears for Rebecca (she’s crazy for animals).

upscale resaleUpscale Resale

Everything arrived tied in cute little bundles and everything looks nearly brand new–one even still had tags on. I was thrilled with every piece, nothing looked used.

Check out my Instagram video of Ryan in his super hero pjs – he loves them, so YES we are walking around a hotel in pajamas, but NO, unfortunately, he cannot fly ;)

upscale resale

Shopping Moxie Jean is super easy. You can sort by boys and girls (designer or not), browse stylist picks for fashionable outfits, search by clothing type, outerwear, sleepwear, season, or brand.

When I made my purchase, I also requested a (free) postage-paid mailer bag so I can send in some of Ryan’s and Rebecca’s old clothes! GREAT way to empty those closets and reduce, reuse, recycle: Moxie Jean donates any unpurchased or lightly damaged items to the Kid’s Pantry in Chicago!

upscale resale

You can shop for 75% or more off retail prices at Moxie Jean and ((hint, hint)) they add hundreds of new outfits every Monday and Thursday! AND use my link to sign up and you’ll get $10 off an order of $20+.

GIVEAWAY: use the form BELOW to enter to win a back-to-school wardrobe from Moxie Jean–a $177.50 value!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Moxie Jean. The opinions and text are all mine.

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Effortless Meals for Moms

~Written in partnership with Coca-Cola. Any opinions are my own.

In the summertime we like to be outside—going for walks, playing at the park, or running through the sprinkler in the backyard. During the school year, I play Taxi and feel like I might as well live in my car. No matter the season, life is busy, right? MOMS are busy.

But every night there has to be dinner on the table… I HATE cooking. I thank my mom for that trait ;) but unfortunately my kids (and husband) need to eat. My husband loves to cook (whooo!), but often gets home from work much too late. I am always looking for new recipes to make my life easier (hello, crockpot meals).

effortless meals

Lucky for me, Coca-Cola and Walmart have come together to create effortless meals for moms. Run in to your local Walmart, grab one of the 3 meal options, and have an effortless meal with your family! I recently went with the marketside rotisserie chicken and a bottle of Coke for a summer picnic.

effortless meals

For us, this means MORE time playing outside—my kids dread hearing, “but it’s time to go because I have to make dinner!”—and more time having fun together. And, let’s be honest, these effortless meals are probably better than my cooking ;) Actually, I’m not sure I have ever cooked an entire chicken before. Ever. The kids loved it ;)

kids eating effortless mealsPaired with some fruit and pasta salad, it was delicious! The kids drank milk while my husband and I enjoyed the Coke (a special treat for us!).

effortless meals for moms


There are a couple of other effortless meal options, too. The pizza meal would be fun for a movie night or lunch bunch play date. My husband would take the sandwich meals to work. Enter UPC codes for My Coke Rewards points.

effortless mealseffortless meals

What is your favorite effortless meal for moms?

~Written in partnership with Coca-Cola. Any opinions are my own.

Breastfeeding Awareness Month: there’s an app for that

Most of you already know I’m a huge breastfeeding advocate, having nursed our son until he was almost 4 and our daughter until almost 2. I believe that breastfeeding success is largely about SUPPORT so when I discovered an IBCLC that created a helpful breastfeeding app, I had to check it out.

I mean, what else are we doing when we’re up nursing 5 times in the middle of the night? I guess I don’t know about you, but I

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Sensational Memories of Summer

Five hours in the car with my brother… were we fighting or playing games? I can’t even remember that part of it. We probably sat mostly in silence, headphones on our ears, mine blasting some Aerosmith.

We finally get out and stretch. The air is clean and crisp with the deep scent of pine. My dad opens up the cabin and my brother and I run from room to room, throwing our stuff–just like home! A trip to the local grocery

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How to choose a photographer

We have hired MANY different photographers since having kids. Newborn photos, various milestones over the first year, family pictures, maternity sessions, and holidays. We’ve found photographers we’ll never use again and ones we’ll continue to hire… investing that time and money can be hard! I worked with friends at Catalyst Design & Photography in Rockford IL to come up with these tips on how to choose a photographer.

How to choose a photographer:

1. Meet your photographer in person

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My Child Ate….. (Now What?!) poison control resources

I think I’m pretty lucky that in my last 4.5 years of parenting two little ones, I’ve only had to deal with a “my child ate…” moment once. Rebecca grabbed a sunscreen stick and, thinking it was chap stick, put it on her lips and then continued to put it IN her mouth. I think she barely ate any, but still, as a parent you have that NOW WHAT?! moment.

Yea, ya see “poop” on that image above? Not here (KNOCK ON SOME

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Did you know? Johnson’s Baby reformulated

I’m pretty sure JOHNSON’S Baby is a household name and has been seen on most baby registries and in many baby nurseries at home. So I’m also sure most of you are also aware of the recent demand by consumers to make their products safer by changing up their ingredients.

Did you know they have reformulated?

It’s a very sweet video about a Japanese legend, which says folding 1,000 origami cranes will result in a wish granted and a

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