Spring & summer sandals with pediped

I think shoes that allow for proper development of growing feet is really important. My mom was the one that always drilled that into my head years ago and now that I have kids of my own, I want to make sure they have proper shoes! I’ve written about pediped here before because they’re a go-to brand for us. They’re great for growing feet and they are all super cute, too! Actually, Ryan (our 4yo) has a number of shoes, but ALWAYS insists on wearing his pedipeds. If I try to put on anything else, he says “noooo, these aren’t comfortable, I want my brown ones!” True story.

pediped girls

Pediped is “the next best thing to bare feet” and they really focus on quality, comfort, and style while promoting healthy foot development. They have different styles of shoes based on your child’s age and what they need for their growing feet: Originals (0-24mo), Grip ‘n’ Go (9mo – 3yrs), and Flex (1-8yrs).

Rebecca recently received the “Bree” mary janes in Bubblegum from the Grip ‘n’ Go line to try out. Sooooo cute! She loves to put them on herself with the velcro strap. All natural rubber sole and a canvas top… they’re comfy and adorable. I thought I’d give her a little room to grow into them because I wanted them to fit this summer, too. She’s in a size 6 right now, but I got her these in the pediped size 23 (which is a US size 7). They are definitely big on her and I’m sure the size 22 would have been a great fit. Thankfully the velcro strap can be pulled over a bit and they work just fine. We wear with socks, too!

pediped mary janes

These also come in a pretty “Seashore” color! There are so many adorable shoes at pediped (for girls AND boys) and I’m always shopping to see what’s new. Ryan will be getting some new pediped sandals soon for the summer, too!

pediped mary janes

We headed outside on the first semi-warm day this “spring” (weeks ago – and now what’s with the snow in mid-April?!). She was trying out her new shoes so I shot a quick video of the cuteness :) She’s stomping around because I asked her about her shoes, haha, silly girl.

Have you gotten your kids their spring or summer shoes yet? Free shipping on orders over $35! And you can find pediped on Facebook and Twitter!

Make sure to check out the Spring & Summer styles from Brian James Footwear,www.brianjamesfootwear.com, the women’s footwear line from Angela Edgeworth, founder of pediped! I love the Monique and Chantal styles.

~Product was received to facilitate this review. Any opinions are my own!

How To Get Your Toddler To Love The Pool!

Guest Post

I watched my sister Linda as she took her toddler out to the family pool for the first time and I even got to help with the orientation. It was fascinating to see how Linda worked with the youngster, to make sure his first pool experience was positive. Here’s what she did:

She started slow. Linda is great at doing research on a new topic, so that’s what she did with her toddler and the pool. She read that it is best to start early and allow the child to just get used to the feel of water. She took baths with her child and would smile and laugh to show him it was fun. She would encourage him to splash – kids love that – and trickle a bit of water over his forehead to let him get used to the feel of running water. By the time she was ready to bring him around the pool, water was already fun for him. Here are some great resources that have information about babies and the pool:

Once her child felt comfortable around water, it was time for the introduction to the pool. That’s where I got recruited. We would acclimate her boy to the water gradually.

how to get your toddler to love the pool

In the pool area. After properly equipping her boy with swim diapers, we stepped outside to the pool area. He was intrigued by this new area and was looking around curiously, but also a bit anxiously. Linda’s research said that if the baby hesitates, don’t force the issue. Go slow with the orientation. Babies will be excited around the water one day, then hesitant the next, so just go along with their mood for the day. Linda handed her boy to me and I sat in a lawn chair in the shade, holding her baby where he could see Mommy. He was very curious about what she was doing.

Mom in the pool. Linda stepped down into the water and began splashing and laughing, just like she had done with him in the bathtub. She was having so much fun it made me want to get in the cool water. Her son began smiling and kicking his legs. Linda saw that and motioned me closer. He was still watching Mommy, but got a little hesitant at that point. We backed off, and just let him sit in the shade watching.

Getting closer. The next day we went back out and repeated what we had done the first day. This time he reached out for Mommy, so I moved closer and sat down on the edge of the pool as he watched Linda splash around. I sat him next to me and let him begin to dip his feet in the water. He squealed with delight and we just stayed there for a moment.

Moment of triumph. I couldn’t believe how fast it happened, but Linda reached out for her son and he smiled broadly as she took him in her arms. She held him above the water as she smiled at him. Then, dipping his toes in the water, she laughed, which made him laugh. Holding him against her, she splashed the water and he reached to it, to make a splash himself. She turned him to face her, then lowered him into the water a little as he smiled and made cooing noises. She continued to smile and rocked him a little. He was delighted with being in the water.

how to get your toddler to love the pool

When Linda takes her son to the pool today, he squeals with pleasure because she made his start in the pool such a fun and pleasant experience. I was just glad to help with that process and get to watch him discover how fun water can be!

Kaitlin Gardner writes for AnApplePerDay.com. She currently lives in Pennsylvania and is married to her best friend.  In her spare time, she loves to go hiking and enjoy nature.  She has just started her first book about living an eco-friendly, healthy, natural lifestyle.

Air & Water: NewAir Beverage Refrigerator (AB-850) review & giveaway

Where would you put a second refrigerator? Growing up we always had another one in the basement. I think mainly for the freezer space, but the fridge was used, too, for extra drinks and things not needed as often. I know a few people that keep a second refrigerator in their garage. Or maybe you have a better use for a small refrigerator? A game room, bar, dorm, or office.

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Spring into #MakingMemories giveaway: $350 in prizes!

Hey, it’s that super awesome unique idea again… digitally signed t-shirts from Sign My Shirt! They’re all about creating and preserving memories. To celebrate spring (FINALLY!) they’re having a Spring into #MakingMemories giveaway event! They’ve partnered up with some great brands that are also all about the memories. I am sooo ready to get outside and make new memories with the family this spring–like our 30th family reunion coming up!

Over $350 in prizes!

Custom &

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Win $100 VISA and custom t-shirt from Sign My Shirt!

You guys know that I LOVE Sign My Shirt, right? The possibilities are endless… it’s not just any t-shirt, it’s unique and memorable and every time you get or give one, it will be different!

If you aren’t familiar, Sign My Shirt’s patent-pending technology makes them the only place to create personalized t-shirts remotely signed by people from anywhere in the world! They just need a computer mouse or touchpad. You design a shirt, send out invites through email and/or Facebook,

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15 Gluten-Free Sunday Night Dinners

I recently talked about our family attempting to go gluten-free. No, we don’t have any gluten intolerance or even much sensitivity to it (that we know of), but we think it’s a healthier decision for our family. We started slow as we figured out things to avoid and what to buy. We are still learning where to find everything we need in the grocery store (or in the multiple stores we need to visit as a result). Recreating recipes has been the hardest part

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FertaMax: fertility multivitamins to maximize your chances (giveaway)

~Written in a partnership with FertaMax. Any opinions are my own.

I know how extremely lucky we have been to get pregnant right away with both of our children. I do not have personal experience with infertility issues or loss and for that I am very thankful. I do, however, know many people in my life that have struggled with it. It brings disappointment, frustration, feelings of failure, it tests your patience, and puts you on a roller coaster of emotions. I have seen

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