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Welcome to Baby Dickey! My name is Emily and I’m the mama to Baby Dickey… well, actually, now there are TWO Babies! Ryan is a 4 year old lil guy (Dec. ’09). He’s my smarty pants, my cutie pie, my goof ball, my sweetheart, and my baby boy. His birth is what set me on my journey for birth advocacy and women’s health. Rebecca is a 2 year old baby girl (Feb ’12). She’s my sweetheart that giggles when she’s sleepy and always greets me with a smile. Her homebirth was life-changing.

I used to work part-time as a human biology/anatomy&physiology college instructor, but quit to be with the little ones! Enjoying every moment 🙂 (Well, most of them–the others are fueled by coffee…. and wine.) So now I work part-time on the blogs, part-time on the house, part-time as a freelancer and social media coordinator, and full-time as a mom. HUH? Yea, I don’t know either.

My husband is an engineering nerd and the best daddy & husband ever. For real–he likes to cook and he does laundry. #winning

Randoms: I could live on cereal and chocolate. I like to shop local, but am a Starbucks addict (grande non-fat no-whip white chocolate mocha, please). I love babywearing and cloth diapering and breastfeeding. I’ve jumped from a plane 12,000 feet up. I hate vegetables, but am learning fun ways to cook them. I love to travel and my dream is Africa. I’m a miracle baby. I’m terrified of spiders. I have my master’s in physiology. The best date night is Chinese food on the floor with a rented movie.

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  • Clarissa

    We had a terrible first birth experience too, got all the things we didn’t want. GOOD NEWS is we had a beautiful, totally natural homebirth water VBAC with our second daughter, even larger than our first. I wish the first birth would have gone so differently, but maybe it helped me be so determined with our second birth. And now my youngest is almost two and I have the joy of spreading the word about how beautiful, peaceful and empowering birth can be when done your way in a place that you are most comfortable.
    Best wishes!


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