sweet baby girl’s room: teal and red nursery decor ideas

Beautiful nursery decor ideas for a teal and red room! Feminine and sweet without all the pink 🙂 These are photos from my friend’s nursery for her little girl, Everly.

Nursery Decor Ideas

I love it because it’s super pretty and girly without being full of PINK everywhere. The walls are shades of teal, the furniture is white, and accessories are red (with some pink).

My friend, Joanna, found this canvas on Amazon and based the rest of the nursery

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DIY Letter Wreath Tutorial

I mentioned awhile ago that my girlfriends and I started a monthly Pinterest craft night… but OKAY, let’s all be honest here, we refer to it as our “Wine Club.” This month we didn’t even get around to the craft part of the night 😉 But when we DO make crafts, they’re pretty awesome… like this Letter Wreath!

There really isn’t a science to it… the four of us all showed up with different sized letters, twine of different thicknesses, and a variety of ribbon and

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Interior decorating HELP! part 1 ;)

Having a new house to decorate is fun, but oh my gosh it’s hard. I don’t think I realized how bad I was at interior decorating… I mean, I know what I like, I can look through magazines or at websites and pin away my favorite looks. The yellow and gray, the trendy chevron prints, the neutral colors…. but implementing any ideas in my own house?! HELP!

A magazine or website has a whole room put together… obviously it looks perfect. But to find each piece to make up your room in your house?

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bathroom makeover

I always say that the things that excite you as an adult are amazing…. like a new vacuum cleaner or a new washer and dryer. Wayyyy better than the year’s hottest toy or trip to Disney. Last year we bought our first home and I’ve had fun decorating a place that is finally OURS. My next focus (after my kids’ rooms) was going to be our bathroom. We have a master bath with a jacuzzi, separate shower, etc and I LOVE it. There’s a big window above the jacuzzi, tile floors, a big shower…

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(Re)Decorating the family room

When we moved to our new house, we didn’t have much for decor or furniture. The house we lived in previously was already furnished so we didn’t need our own stuff…

We’ve slowly been decorating and acquiring new things to dress up the house, make it more cozy, and make it more stylish. I usually work on my laptop in the family room so I am especially focusing on that room right now. We got a nice big, comfy couch and some nice mood lighting… now for more decor!

The walls are a dark

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I’ve never been so excited to do LAUNDRY!

Who does the laundry in your house? I think I’m pretty lucky that my husband helps… in fact, he might do laundry slightly more than half of the time. We kind of agree that my main job during the day is to focus on the kids–I’m usually playing outside or taking them to do fun activities (yesterday we visited an animal shelter and then out for lunch!) so my duties around the house kinda… don’t… get done…. I get to things when I can though, in a spare minute or during nap time, but

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new lamp, new lights, new room!

I’m sure by now you know that we’re a fairly “green” family and we like our products to be eco-friendly as often as possible. We’ve been on the energy-efficient light bulb bandwagon for a long time now. Our incandescent bulbs were replaced with compact fluorescent light bulbs as soon as possible. I have Steve to thank for that–he’s always been on top of that kind of thing. He’s the light-bulb buyer in this house!

But I’m the decorator (for the most part). And our family room has been driving me nuts. We have one

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