Hands Free Breast Pump Bra by Simple Wishes

Pumping doesn’t have to a pain with the Hands Free Pumping Bra by Simple Wishes! Spilling milk is no joke, so why not use something that will help you keep it safely contained during and after a pumping session? This amazing bra allows you to multi-task while pumping, and is therefore a must for any mother who pumps at work, as well as mothers who exclusively pump.

The Hands Free Breast Pump Bra is super soft, made from a simple blend of cotton and spandex. It comes in two size

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Get Back Into Yoga With Postnatal Vinyasa Yoga


After having a baby, it can be hard to get back into your normal workout routine. It’s important to be cleared for exercise by your doctor or midwife first, but what else should you look out for? The Postnatal Vinyasa Yoga DVD is here to help! In this program, Jennifer More will walk you through the steps for assessing Diastasis Recti and give you an overview of the pelvic floor. It is important to be aware of possible abdominal separation (Diastasis Recti) before starting any exercise program.

It’s easy

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You’re doing OK, mom! (raise money for Save the Children)

When you’re going to have a baby you do so much research on caring for them, right? You read books about the pregnancy and birth, you read about newborn issues and interview pediatricians, you get your home prepared… but what you aren’t going to be ready for is something that isn’t often talked about: mommy guilt and worry.

You will start to question every decision you make, you’ll feel pressures from society that will make you wonder if you’re a terrible mother, and you’ll wonder if your kid is developing at the “right” speed.

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Mom’s Moments: fun at Moms.com!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Moms.com. The opinions and text are all mine.

When I had Ryan (our first–now nearly 4 years old) none of my friends had any kids yet. That was hard… motherhood is a complete 180 in your lifestyle and it’s definitely an adjustment. It can be very difficult to do alone. You have a million questions, you’re always wondering if you’re doing the right thing, you crave support and you reach out to other moms. I was very thankful for the internet and found

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Before I was a mom, I’d never be THAT mom

You know all those things you said before you ever actually became a mom… you walked around and watched other moms at the grocery store or at a restaurant and you’d think to yourself, “I will NEVER be THAT Mom!” My kids will never behave that way. MY kids will listen to me. I will never let my kids do that. Right?!

Ohhh, lady. Just wait 😉

I wrote a post a loooong time ago (May 2011) called “Before I was a Mom…” and that was back when I only had one

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for the moms that try to do it all

Really, this post is a letter to myself. I am that mom that is trying to do it all–and this post is a necessary reminder to take a break. To step back, gain some perspective, reorganize my priorities, and spend more time with the kids.

There have been a lot of things lately that brought me to this post. Things I’ve noticed for awhile, but have denied or avoided. I love my blog… I love blogging… I love reviewing products… I love getting paid for doing what I love. It’s all win-win-win.


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sneaking in some me time any way I can

Me time? What the crap is that?! Sometimes I have to make a conscious effort to remember the pre-kid me and all the things I loved to do. The me that jumped out of a plane, the me that read books all the time (Stephen King, not “Goodnight Moon”), the me that loved animals so much I went to school for it.

The ME now? Has been breastfeeding for 3.5 years, spends every day with two little ones pretending to be a dinosaur and singing the Thomas theme song, kissing boo-boos and giving

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