My favorite small businesses: please share yours!

Hopefully by now you’re familiar with Small Business Saturday… it’s only 3 days away! You know why it’s important to me and why it’s important to us. So what’s your plan?! I’ve been thinking about this for awhile now… what are my favorite small businesses? what local shops haven’t I been to yet? are there any services I need on Saturday (ya know, like a pedicure! okay,

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mommy’s guilty pleasures

I’m a mom 24/7… I eat, sleep, and breathe “MOM.” Especially as one that stays at home, I find it really important to find little breaks… call it saving my sanity or remembering who I am, besides Mom.

A night away or going to see a movie or getting a pedicure would be nice, but things like that are very far and few between. It’s much harder to get that much time away from both kids.

So? I’ve discovered ways to sneak in me-time throughout the day or each week… 10 minutes here and

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I’ll be shopping on Small Business Saturday

I always like to shop at small, local businesses, but will especially make it a point to get out on November 24th–Small Business Saturday. If you aren’t familiar with it, the idea is simple. Between Black Friday and Cyber Monday, we dedicate a day to supporting local businesses. Last year over 1 million people participated! This year, I’m helping to spread the word.

There are a lot of reasons I choose to support this and am excited to be on this campaign.

I am a small business. This

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wordless wednesday: my sacrifice

In honor of the SAHM post I just wrote last night, I found this and thought it was perfect <3

my schedule as a stay-at-home-mom

I’m a list maker. I love notepads… and pens… and LISTS. Now, that might make you think I’m organized… but I’m not. I’m a fake. I think sometimes I just get overwhelmed by certain tasks (like cleaning the house, planning a party, writing blog posts, etc.) and writing it out on paper makes it way more manageable. Ya know, in that moment, because like I said – I’m still not organized. I’ll write the same list 10 times because I lost it the first 9 times or I never actually accomplished everything on the

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This is why I’m a mom! {funny quotes}


and, of course…

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Being a mom quotes (in photos)

I took this picture for a photo contest (yep, that’s me and my baby belly)… I didn’t win, but I’m sure proud of it and the message for our baby girl. It inspired me to look around for more kid and being a mom quotes.

Being a mom quotes

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