The Best Educational Kids Shows on Netflix

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Streaming services like Netflix are proving to be invaluable for parents at a time when many of them are homeschooling their kids. Screen time can be educational as well as entertaining and can give parents a chance to get some of the other tasks on their list done. Here are some of the best educational shows for kids on Netflix:


Brainchild is suitable for children of seven and older. It is a documentary series that addresses various topics we should know about, such as germs, social media, space, superheroes,

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5 best techniques to make a child’s bedtime easy

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Getting the little ones to bed. Never an easy feat, whether you’re at home or on the road. It seems that no matter how full a day you’ve had, no matter how many family activities you’ve been doing, no matter how exhausted they seem…when it comes to bedtime, they instantly seem to perk up.

They know that Mom and Dad, plus their older siblings, are all staying up later than they are. And they sense that something magical happens during this time to which they’re not privy; exciting shows are

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How To Encourage Pro-Social Behavior In Your Child

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The way that our society interacts together is a good indicator of the general upbringing that people receive in this modern day, and teaching pro-social behaviors is becoming increasingly important. There are lots of things that you can do to encourage these types of behavior in your child, and it helps if you make the learning process fun!

Lead By Example Any of the day care centres in Sydney that you speak to will tell you that children mimic the behavior that is around them, and this often includes the

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Why Kids Should See The Dentist Regularly

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Image by codymclain via Flickr

Children should visit the dentist at least twice a year in healthy cases. Whether they have their baby teeth, or their permanents are growing in, it’s important to have each stage checked for the sake of their overall health. Also, regular check-ups allow parents to know what’s going on with their children’s dental health. Here are just some benefits to taking your child to the dentist on a regular basis.

1. Keep a Clean Mouth Regular dental care helps to keep your little one’s

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My list of must-haves for new babies

You guys, I’m on baby number three. If I thought our house was loud or life was busy before… now I’d describe is as simply chaotic! When this baby joined us last summer, I asked friends for tips and I quickly got things organized so life with three kids could continue more smoothly (and with less stress, haha). We got hanging organizers for the closets to put out sets of clothing, hooks for backpacks and totes, cubes for shoes, and more handy tricks.

Through the years, I’ve also learned to rely on

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National Breastfeeding Month!

Nearly five years ago, on August 6, 2011, the month of August was officially declared National Breastfeeding Month by the USBC (United States Breastfeeding Committee). In fact, the first full week of August is recognized across the World as World Breastfeeding Week. To celebrate these wonderful movements that further breastfeeding awareness, I would like to share some wonderful products with you that help make breastfeeding a breeze!

First up, Milkies Milk-Saver! One of the big fears for breastfeeding mamas is spilling/losing such precious milk, no matter the amount! It’s

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Effective Deterrents to Drug Use in Teens

Submitted by Amanda G.

As a parent, one of your hardest jobs is going to be keeping your kids away from drugs and alcohol. This is the tightest tightrope you will ever walk; yes, even more fraught than talking to your kids about sexual activity. Why? Because the peer pressure surrounding drug use is often far more heavy than the pressure to engage in sexual activity.

At first blush that feels extreme, right? Surely the pressure is heavier than joining in on drinking or drug use? But as anybody who has ever been a

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