Teach Your Children to Excel with the Power of Music

You can use the power of music to help a child with so many different things, including both educational and social growth. Music can help children develop hobbies and become a better-rounded individual. When words are difficult to comprehend or emotions are simply running too high, music is something that can soothe the soul and nurture common ground. As a parent, helping your child harness this creative energy and use it to build self-confidence is one of the most important things you can do.

“Music, the great communicator.” Red Hot Chili Peppers

Growing Up

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How To Get Your Toddler To Love The Pool!

Guest Post

I watched my sister Linda as she took her toddler out to the family pool for the first time and I even got to help with the orientation. It was fascinating to see how Linda worked with the youngster, to make sure his first pool experience was positive. Here’s what she did:

She started slow. Linda is great at doing research on a new topic, so that’s what she did with her toddler and the pool. She read that it is best to start early and allow the child to just get

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where did my baby boy go?

Ohhhh, Ryan. I don’t know where to start! I feel like I’m about to write an essay about you. You amaze me every single day with the things you’re learning and doing and saying and the things you understand…. when did you get so big?!?!?! Seriously, where’d my baby boy go? (ahhh, I’m going to start crying! lol)

You aren’t speaking a whole lot yet so sometimes it’s easy to forget what a big boy you are–but then you go and show us how to do

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13 months: developmental milestones

When Ryan turned one, I wrote a post about making milestones and decided to keep it up. He’s now 13 months (almost 14!) so let’s check it out… thanks to babycenter.com

13 months old

Mastered Skills (most kids can do): *uses 2 words skillfully *bends over and picks up an object

Ohhh, Ryan’s a pro! He easily bends and grabs and here’s a list of words he says, off the top of my head: hi, mama, dada, kitty cat, cracker, milk, stop

Emerging skills (half of

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Who doesn’t love a dancing baby?!

Making milestones?

I’m stealing this lovely idea from Crunchy VT Mommy (who also stole the idea from someone else… we’re all just a bunch of thieves! Babycenter.com has milestone charts where you can check monthly milestones to see if your child is on track. I don’t really care because I think Ryan is just peachy 😉 but I thought it’d be fun to do.

SO – my big boy is now 12 MONTHS OLD!!!! And here is what babycenter claims:

Mastered Skills (most kids can do): -imitate others’ activities -indicates wants with gestures

Ryan definitely imitates

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My baby is almost 1

Dear Ryan,

Ahhhh, slow down, buddy! Ok, I won’t freak out until your actual 1-year letter, but it’s coming soon! You’re 11 months old (well, now you’re 11.5 months old) and I look at you every day in amazement. At least once a day my eyes start watering, usually while you’re nursing and I sing you a song or tell you that I love you. Remember when your entire little body used to fit in my arms? And now your legs hang off my lap and sometimes I can barely hold

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