UStream Party information

What is a Ustream party?

It’s a fun, virtual video party on! Shari Criso (MSN, CNM, IBCLC), our expert, will be using LIVE video stream to answer YOUR questions! It’s like watching live TV over the Internet, but the difference is you can submit live questions, post live comments, and watch Shari answer them and give you a shout out! It’s a great way for people to connect, discuss and win great prizes!

How does a Ustream party work?
First, you need to have a Ustream account. If you don’t, go to and sign up, it’s easy!
Then, when it’s time for the party, just go to Shari’s My Baby Experts channel and join the fun! With Shari on live video and everyone else in a chat-room setting, you’ll be able to sit back, listen and ask questions, and have a great time!

What’s the My Baby Experts Ustream party?
This party will answer all your baby/mom/dad related questions by our very own expert, Shari Criso! Whether it’s about breastfeeding, pregnancy, birth, sleep issues, crying babies, cloth diapering, vaccinations, etc… everyone is welcome! Submit your questions ahead of time so we can be sure to answer them for you! By signing up each week, you’re also eligible to win one of our great weekly prizes!

~Please keep your comments in the chat room respectful of others and don’t judge. This party is a place for ALL to feel welcome, safe and share their thoughts and questions!
~Please don’t spam the party with links to your blog or giveaways, etc.
~Everyone is welcome to participate, however only US & Canadian residents are eligible to win the prizes.
~Direct any questions to me at erdickey at gmail dot com
~To be eligible for the GRAND PRIZE at the end of the 8 weeks, you  must attend at least 5 out of the 8 parties
~Have fun!

5 comments to UStream Party information

  • Sherwin


    I just discovered this website. It is nice that there are resources like this available especially to first-time parents. I hope you can help us answer our questions. There are lots of info available online but it is sometimes hard to tell which one is evidence-based.
    Here are our questions:
    1. With regards to storing breast milk, I read that plastic storage bag &/or bottle makes the antibodies in milk adhere to its side. Is the difference in Antibodies sticking between bottle & glass significant enough in amount?
    Overall, Is it better to use glass bottle or the bpa-free plastic breast milk storage bottle?
    Which brand of breast milk storage bottle you recommend?
    2. For mothers on exclusive breast feeding AND with full time work, it makes sense to store milk. I read online that it is hard to find a bottle which will not ruin switching back-and-forth between breast feeding and bottle feeding (w/ breast milk). I saw several brands which mimic the natural nipple feeding. The first years Breastflow BPA-free Bottle( breast-feeding friendly bottle) however, it has mixed reviews. What type of feeding bottle is best to use for mothers who exclusive breast feeding?
    3. I noticed that you have the Ameda breast pump in your online store and not the other brands. How do you compare the comfort and speed of the ameda breast pump compared to other brands?
    4. I have been researching on cloth diapers like the Duo Diaper cloth diaper (NAPPA gold winner 2010) ; BumGenius 4.0 One-Size Cloth Diaper ( best cloth diaper); Fuzzibunz Pocket one size diaper (claiming “Gold Standard” in their website) among others. Based on your extensive on infant care, What do you consider the best in terms of comfort to baby, durability and overall savings?
    5. In terms of sterilizing feeding bottles, I noticed that most sterilizers are either steam or microwave. Before, feeding bottles are boiled to sterilize.
    Is it still safe to boil the plastic bottles like they use to (Bornfree, Avent, Breastflow, Playtex, Dr. Brown, Evenflo, etc)? What is the proper procedure and for how long before you discard the plastic bottle/nipple?
    Are there research which shows that there is no other chemicals in plastic might leach out in BPA-free bottles when steaming or boiling?
    6. I understand that petroleum-based ointment/ creams cause leakage in cloth diapers. What are the best non-petroleum based products to use to prevent and heal “diaper rash”, when you are using cloth diaper?
    7. With regards to movement infant monitor ( Angelcare and Babysense ) which tracks movement in the crib to prevent SIDS— Do they work? I heard that there are medical grade movement sensor used in hospitals. Is it economical and practical to use the medical grade movement sensor at home?
    8. Are there any research that proves whether sound and video monitors decrease SIDS mortality?
    9. Are humidifiers necessary for infants? Up to what age are they necessary? What season/ conditions are they necessary ?
    10. In using vapor steam cleaners to disinfect toys, do they leach out harmful chemicals?
    11. There are several books/ video available which deals on calming the crying baby and establishing a good sleeping pattern. What techniques/ resources do you recommend?
    12. During laundry of baby clothes, I read some books which advice using fragrance-free soap while others say you can use ordinary laundry soap. Are there any research which shows that there is a need to use special laundry soap? (except for infants with medical condition such as eczema)
    13. The use of probiotics in baby food/ milk has flourish if you look in the grocery aisle. Do you recommend giving probiotics in newborn and infants? If not, when is the best time to introduce them? Do they have a proven benefit?
    14. What are your opinion in early learning like Doman and Shichida methods? Any disadvantages in this in the long term?
    15. What is your opinion on Baby sign language?
    16. What is your opinion on use Teflon-coated cooking utensils for infants (e.g. rice cooker, pans, etc)?

    I am not sure if all are within the scope of your discussion. I hope you can enlighten us on our first steps to parenthood.
    Thanks in advance.


  • RSVP!
    Also, here is my question:
    I was wondering if the DreamSwaddle blanket will be coming out in other fabrics, like maybe microfleece?


  • alejandra

    1-My husband don”t like me to breastfeed in public places even if I’m cover for that reason i made the mistake of given my baby formula wen we go out now i find that i don’t produce enough milk what can i do to increase my milk production so the i can stop feeding formula.
    2- do you recommend giving a 7 week baby watter.


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