looks who’s standing!

fun for my growing baby girl

When Ryan was about Rebecca’s age he loved using a walker to scoot around the kitchen. We never had an exersaucer or activity center for him though and I always wished we had. Both sets of grandparents had one at their house and Ryan loved sitting and playing in them…

So when I found the activity center from Kolcraft that is a 2-in-1, I was super excited. It’s basically an exersaucer and a walk-behind walker combined.

Adorable, right? They

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a sweet 7 months, baby girl

Dear baby girl,

My little Ro-ro or Roey, my missy miss, and my princess. I can’t believe how fast time is flying by… seven months?! You are just SO BIG. One of my best friends recently had a baby girl, she’s almost a month old now, and she reminds me how little you used to be and how I walked around holding you with one arm. Now I can barely hold you across me with two arms!

At the start of this month you started sitting… very slowly. You could do a

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Rebecca’s Cozy Coo: InGenuity giveaway

See that happy girl? And that comfy seat? She’s in the Cozy Coo Sway Seat from InGenuity. Ryan didn’t like much of anything when he was a baby, except for his swing when he got a little older, so I was curious to see how Rebecca would like this. I think you can see she’s pretty happy 😉

My favorite things about this swing:

It vibrates and plays music (8 songs and 3 nature sounds) It has a timer with options for

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happy 3 months, little miss

*These pictures were taken shortly after Rebecca turned 3 months old, I’ve just been a little slow on getting the writing finished for this post!*

Baby girl,

I can’t believe how fast you’re growing! 3 months already?! And you are just full of character. The other day, I called you a chunk (lovingly, of course ;)) and your daddy said, “well she needs some place to store all of that personality!” People who have just met you for the first time say that, too.

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wordless wednesday: blue eyed baby doll

a baby blogger!

It’s almost time for BlogHer again… ahhhh! If you aren’t familiar, BlogHer is a big annual conference in August for…. bloggers! I’ve been the past two years and have plans to go again this year. It’s in NYC once again and I can’t wait! More official news on my sponsor and plans will be coming soon 🙂

This year, I’m taking Rebecca with me! She’ll be just over 5 months old at the time of the conference and she’s such a chill and easy baby, I think we’ll have a great time!

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