How to get newborn screenings after a homebirth

Last month I wrote about newborn screenings and the resources you can find on Baby’s First Test. Typically, the newborn screenings (heel prick, hearing test, and–in some states/hospitals–pulse ox) are done after birth while still at the hospital. That makes it pretty easy! You can check what your state tests for specifically–you may have to ask for the pulse ox if it’s not done routinely.

So what if your baby is born at HOME?

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do you know what your baby is screened for at birth?

“Newborn Screening” is a general term applied to the tests your baby typically gets at birth. But do you know what the screening includes? I believe I first heard about them when I was pregnant with Ryan, but it took some research to really learn what the testing included and what Ryan would be screened for.

One of my biggest pet peeves is when parents submit their child to testings or screenings with no idea what they’re for or what their child is getting. But I understand that sometimes the information can either be

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