Baby on Board!

Nooo, that’s not a pregnancy announcement, there’s no baby on board here! Haha. But it IS about babies in cars and their safety. I see news articles far too often about unnecessary harm and injury to children because of incorrect car seat installation or forward facing too early or misuse of car seats and straps. It’s something I feel strongly about because I truly think in most cases it’s a lack of awareness and education on the topic. All it takes is one person to tell those parents how their car seat is supposed

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HGG: BOB Revolution SE stroller & B-SAFE infant car seat

When I traveled to Kentucky in October for the ABC Kids Expo with Rebecca, I struggled with what stroller to bring and how to deal with a car seat. Traveling alone with a baby is hard in the first place… add luggage, a diaper bag, a stroller, a car seat… and it nears impossible. I didn’t have a travel system with a car seat that snaps into a stroller so I considered my options…

Wear Rebecca and bring a car seat that would just sit in the stroller as I pushed it thought the

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Car Seat Safety with Britax: Pavilion 70-G3 car seat giveaway

Car Seat Safety. This is one of those huge pet peeves of mine…. I mean, everyone and their brother knows you need to get a car seat when you have a baby, but I feel like that’s almost the end of the education. Maybe you take it to a car seat safety check to make sure it’s installed properly, and that’s GREAT, but there’s so much more to know.

I’ll admit there were things I didn’t know and things I did wrong, too. Yes, parents can do some research, but this is one of

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