A gift for the husband AND son!

I remember playing with these when I was a kid… I was in some “smart kid” group in elementary school and we staying in during recess time some days to build with these in the school library. Too cool, right?!

Now, it’s funny to hear the stories from my mother-in-law about how my husband used to sit in their basement for hours on end building these, too. She’d have to call him up for dinner after he had sat down there all day… making creations!

So… this gift idea was a no brainer! I’m

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Dear Santa: send us your Elf Magic!

I’m soooo excited to be starting Elf Magic with the kids this year! I’m sure you’ve seen this around the internet and all the daily ideas on what to do with your elves, but did you know that Elf Magic was the first Elf tradition to be introduced to the market and sold as a complete set? Elf Magic encourages children to play and cuddle with their Elf and this tradition reinforces family values and reminds you of the true joy and meaning of Christmas. I was sold! Plus, look how cute…

Elf Magic

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WIN a $1000 Shopping Spree from Step2!

Can you believe it’s already November?! Seriously where did the year go. It’s time to start planning for the holidays… and for me that also means Ryan’s 4th birthday (2 days after Christmas)! EEK! I can’t wait for the holiday season though… time to decorate, play in the show, sing Christmas songs, and… SHOP!

A play kitchen, wagon, climber and playhouse? How about a backyard climber and patio furniture? Better yet, a swing

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Wordless Wednesday: Christmas 2012 recap

wordless wednesday: snow!

Merry Christmas!

(my parents’ backyard)

Wordless Wednesday: our breakfast with Santa

Christmas Memories: 2012

I love the holiday season and getting the house all decorated and festive. I love the magic of Santa and counting down to Christmas with Ryan. I love hanging the stockings and filling them with goodies. I love reading The Night Before Christmas and leaving out homemade cookies and milk. I love creating memories with the family.

I want to share some of those memories with you… crafts we have made during the holiday season, Christmas decor and gift ideas involving the kids, and a way to document it all. (Some of these I

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