How to make a pregnant skeleton costume for Halloween

Pregnant Skeleton Costume

A long time ago my friend Kristin emailed me a Halloween costume idea and I fell in love. It was a homemade pregnant skeleton costume–complete with a skeleton baby–and a matching set for the dad with whatever he loves in his belly! I was dead set on making these for us and with Halloween still months away, I thought I had PLENTY of time even though we were closing on a new house on Halloween.

I was

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Ryan the WOLF!

When I was growing up I loved wolves. My room was decorated with normal teenage girl stuff like pictures of david boreanaz, my favorite bands and wolves. Wait, what, wolves? That’s right. Steve (we were like 16 at the time) said other than my denial of Michael Jackson being a pedo (don’t worry, I’ve accepted it now, probably because I have a little boy), it was the biggest thing that made him wonder whether or not he wanted to date me.

Naturally, with my unnatural love of

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