white pizza recipe

A few days ago I mentioned making our favorite white pizza for dinner on our anniversary. As promised, here’s my recipe! I have no idea if this is actually a pizza that you could find at a restaurant and I don’t really use any measurements. My good friend used to work at an Italian restaurant and this wasn’t on their menu, but she’d just make it for herself (and me!) once in awhile. Soooooo good. So now I make my own.

Okay, for this particular dinner I was super

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What’s for dinner?

I’ve never been a huge fan of cooking because I don’t have the skill to just throw things together (like Steve does!)… I HAVE to have a recipe. So I’m always trying to find new recipes and now that we have Ryan, the recipes need to be toddler friendly, too!

I have a handful of go-to recipes that I know how to make, are fairly easy and really tasty. But making the same old thing gets boring.

Who can help? What are your favorite recipes? I have criteria though… I’m super picky so the

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