My interview with Dr. Stork for Women’s Health Month

Last week I met with Dr. Stork (yes, from The Doctors and The Bachelor) to discuss Women’s Health Month and how oral health can affect overall health. What it basically comes down to is preventative care. So many complications can come from poor oral health, let’s just stop them before they start! Take care of those teeth!

A selfie with Dr. Stork, of course!

We met at Walgreens in Chicago for a Crest Pro-Health event. I got to sit down with Dr. Stork and ask him

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My OB said WHAT?!

I have yet to find a midwife for this pregnancy and birth. The one I was interested in won’t accept VBAC women if they haven’t had a prior vaginal birth. With CPMs being illegal in IL and most CNMs working alongside OBs at hospitals only (oh, and no birthing centers), my options are very limited. I’m discouraged, but figure I still have plenty of time to seek one out, even if it means going into the Chicago area.

Meanwhile, I’m now 12 weeks along and figured it’d be a good idea to see someone

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Defying Doctors

You’re taught to trust your doctor. You put your life in their hands, with the faith that they want what is best for you, as their patient. However, that is not always the case–it was not the case for me. Too often they end up doing what is best for them–for reasons of time, money and legality.

Would you defy your doctor?

When I started prenatal care, I was told by my clinic that I’d be allowed to go to 42 weeks before an induction. When I neared my due date, I was told

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Letter to my OB: 1st draft

As most of you know, I had an unnecessary c-section and I’m still dealing with my feelings about it (mainly anger at this point… and still some huge disappointment in myself). Many people have suggested I write a letter to my OB about it. Whether I actually give it to her or not, just writing it will be healing. Most of you also pointed out the fact that I will probably end up writing and re-writing and re-writing… So… this is what I’ve managed so far for my first draft:

Dear Dr.,

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Questions about my medical record

Alright, I stopped by the hospital today and picked up a copy of my medical records. I got there at like 5 minutes to 5pm so I was just glad they took my request when the office was closing soon.

I asked for everything. She said, “from the whole hospital stay when you were here for the birth?” I said yes. She came back and handed me an envelope and said it was everything. So I took it and left. (I’m assuming they’ll bill me for them? I find it funny she didn’t tell

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Panel addresses cesarean and VBAC issues

VBACs (vaginal birth after cesarean, pronounced vee-back) are more difficult to achieve than you’d think. Where I live, there are 3 hospitals and only 1 allows VBACs (ironically, it happens to be the hospital where I was cut open). Within that hospital, there is only ONE clinic of doctors who will perform VBACs. Keep in mind I live in a fairly large city (population of 160,000 – and a total of 340,000+ if you include the smaller surrounding towns that most likely use our hospitals as well). This one clinic has 4 OBs

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2-week-old newborn baby

Lil boy Ryan is 2 weeks old today!

The first 2 weeks with Ryan flew by, especially because we spent 3.5 days in the hospital. Up until a few days ago, I thought this was the easiest thing ever (minus recovery/breastfeeding)… Ryan had been an angel! I forgot to knock on wood or something because the day after I posted that same comment on facebook, I got peed on, my mom got pooped on, and he wouldn’t stop crying. AH! Mama was going crazy–the sound of constant crying is heartbreaking and Steve and

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