Top 5 reasons for hiring a doula at a homebirth

Some women don’t know what a doula is (no worries, my computer is also trying to auto-correct the word like it doesn’t exist)… some know, but don’t want one for their birth… and some think doulas are only beneficial in a hospital setting.

We didn’t hire a doula for our first birth. It was in a hospital and while we knew what a doula was, we just didn’t think we’d NEED one. I knew what I wanted–a natural birth–and I had my husband by my side. I mean, come on, we read The Bradley

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Having a husband that wants a homebirth

I should totally get Steve this shirt

I get asked a lot if my husband is on board for the homebirth. Do you think I’d feel confident and supported in this decision if it was my decision alone? I can very (VERY) thankfully say that my husband loves the idea of having a homebirth this time.

Sometimes? He’s more on board with the idea than I am, haha. If I get scared or start asking questions, he’s right there to calm me down and bring me back to Earth. He reminds me

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