my big brother

At the end of March, my brother and his girlfriend came to visit for a few days. My brother, Jeff, is 20 months older than me and lives in CO–we don’t see each other often enough!!! We definitely had a good time while he was home and I think I’ll have to head to CO sometime this summer to visit him!

On Friday night we went to a bar called Kryptonite to see a band, The Moment, play. Then headed to CJ’s to hang out (where I got

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How Baby Dickey (And Family) Takes Care Of Money!

April is the unofficial financial literacy month here in the United States and even mommy bloggers can participate. While I am in no way claiming that I’m some kind of financial expert, what I will say is that we do a pretty damn good job of taking care of our money and we’re proud of our conservative approach! After we graduated from college we started listening to a famous financial radio talk show about wealth building (well Steve did at first but now he makes me and I love it!). What we

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Yummy Pizza Calzone Bake

My brother was in town last weekend. He visits pretty rarely and now that I have Ryan my chances of visiting him in Colorado every year are pretty slim. On Sunday we had a big lunch/dinner with the grandma’s, my aunt and uncle, Steve, Ryan, my brother Jeff and his girlfriend and my parents. I wanted to make something different and delicious that would serve everyone.

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NCAA Themed Office Party

This year for March Madness I wanted to do something fun down at the office. I was reading in an article that companies lose about $4 billion during the NCAA tournament due to lost productivity. If it’s going to happen, why not make it a fun experience? As you know I work for my Father in law and pretty much my husband’s whole family works at the small, family run business. There’s no way they could say no to me, especially when they saw what I had planned and

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Wet and Wild Spring Break – Wordless Wendesday

I’m on spring break from teaching this week. Just wanted to show everyone what I’ve been up to!

In my right hand you’ll see my savior, Zarbee’s all natural cough syrup.

529 College Savings Plan

I know Ryan is only 1, but Steve and I have actually been discussing starting a college fund for him since before I pregnant! I’m sure other parents can relate. It’s kinda one of those cliché conversations that all parents have that loses priority after the baby is born. Everyone said to open up a 529 savings plan, but didn’t have a lot of information about them. Steve and I never actually did open an account until after his first birthday. Steve’s grandma and a family friend

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Pick Me Up Monday: love

No one wants a case of the Mondays! So create a post about something funny or happy–a picture, a paragraph or a video–for Pick Me Up Monday! Link up below so I can smile at your post, too, and grab the button if you’d like! 🙂

Something that always makes me smile is this picture from when Ryan was born. After being in recovery from my c-section for about an hour, I was finally wheeled to the mother-baby unit and this was the first time I got to hold Ryan. Steve leaned in

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