Teaching games at home or on the go (Super Duper giveaway)

Our 4-year-old, Ryan, is so eager to learn! You know those comics about the kids going, “why? well… why? but, why?” True. Ryan’s favorite thing to say, actually, is “How do you know?” Haha–he really keeps us on our toes! I’ve talked plenty of times before about Super Duper Publications, the fun learning materials for kids, because they’re aaaamazing. You know you’ll get something great for your kids there.

Teaching on-the-go is great for a couple of reasons… first, Ryan is always asking questions

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FROZEN and PLANES games for kids! with Wonder Forge

My kids LOVE playing games. I’m asked at least 6 times a day by my 4-year-old to play games. We have a closet full of them and while we have some favorites that get played over and over, we typically rotate through all of them! With so much game play (and sometimes playing the same game repeatedly), I hope to have fun with the games we play, too. So I’m back with more from Wonder Forge! I’ve talked about them here before, we have so many of their games…. Doc McStuffins, Sofia

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Holiday Gifts: Super Duper Publications (discount code)

Last week I shared a few games from Super Duper Publications, one of our favorite places to get educational and fun games for the kids. We received a few more to review that I’m happy to share with you–more of our go-to games!

Super Duper Publications

Turtle Talk: This game targets fluency and language for ages 3 and up. It’s great for building vocabulary and it helps your child practice the skills of describing,

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Holiday Gifts: Super Duper Publications (discount code)

You’ve heard about Super Duper Publications from me before–we LOVE their games and have quite a few! So we were excited to be offered more for review and to share them with you. Super Duper Publications is one of my favorites because the games are so much fun and educational, too! One of Ryan’s favorites is the MagneTalk Match-up Adventure Kit. We got 5 new ones so to break up all the info a bit, I’ll share the first two with you here.

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Super Duper educational games for kids (giveaway)

We have a few games from Super Duper Publications that the kids love so I was excited when they sent us 3 new ones to try out! They’ve been around since 1986 and today they’re making hundreds of creative, colorful, and educational materials and games. This time we got: Pirate Talk, “Wh” Bingo, and MagneTalk Match-up Adventure Kit. I let Ryan pick which box he wanted to open first. He chose “Wh” Bingo, which

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Super Duper learning games (giveaway)

I recently talked about some of our new favorite educational and fun iPad apps for Ryan. They’re from Super Duper Publications and help Ryan tell stories, think about timelines and cause & effect, and teach him to recognize words in the process. We recently got to try out some learning games from Super Duper!

For 27 years the awesomeness of Super Duper Publications was only available to teachers, therapists, and special needs professionals. Now, they’re being made available to us and I’m thankful because

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Super Duper apps for kids (giveaway)

Ryan has always loved playing on the iPad and I’ve always been on the search for the best apps–the ones that are educational, but also fun for a toddler. Now Ryan is also really getting into imaginative play that includes story telling. He asks questions about everything… he wants to know how everything works and what it does. I recently got to try out some iPad apps for kids from Super Duper. I love the name because they certainly are super duper apps!

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