Body After Baby: J is for Jeep Wrangler Sport Jogging Stroller {giveaway}

I gained about 40 pounds with Rebecca and about half of that came off right away or in the first month after she was born. But after that? I was stuck. I was at about 127 for months. I stepped on the scale every day and it never moved. GAH! That’s probably why I updated on my “Body After Baby” at one month postpartum and then… never again, hahaha.

But now… I have news. Exciting news. I’m down to 122! Okay, I still have 15 pounds

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My big boy and his new cup

Ryan is a big boy, just ask him. Call him your little peanut and he’ll correct you with, “No, I’m a BIG peanut!” The other day I told him he couldn’t get any bigger, he had to stay my little boy and he replied, “but mom, I AM getting bigger!” He’s too smart for me.

This gets us into trouble sometimes. He thinks he’s big enough to drive the car… to walk in the street alone… to cook his mac & cheese on the stove… and to drink out of mommy’s and daddy’s nice

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Want to go to LA and meet the stars?!

It’s ET’s Hanging With The Stars sweepstakes! You could win a trip to LA for you and a friend to attend the Emmy Gala Party! I totally entered–it takes two seconds–sooo if you go enter and you win, you’ll take me as your +1, right?! 😉 There are lots of other prizes too… (read official rules for all the details)…

ONE GRAND PRIZE: a trip to Los Angeles, CA for the ET’s Exclusive Emmy® Gala Party on Sunday, September 23,

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Diaper Daisy: grand re-opening giveaway!

YAY! Diaper Daisy is BACK! Mom-owned, this adorable online shop is run by Jess and Robyn and 5 (soon-to-be 6!) diapered lil babies! You can fill all of your cloth diapering needs here and–best of all–learn all about cloth if you’re new to it. Steve and I were slow to start cloth because we were so overwhelmed with all the different kinds and terms and

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Are you ready to bloom? Get inspired…

I love paper because I love to-do lists. I’m pretty terrible at getting anything done unless I write it down and make a plan. But these days, I’m always on the computer and who knows where the crap I put that piece of paper. Ryan probably ate it. Or flushed it down the toilet.

Especially with being pregnant, there are a LOT of to-dos to keep track of… taking my prenatals every day (I’m terrible at that), trying to drink more water, doing my prenatal yoga, practicing hypnobabies, preparing for the new baby, decorating

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Who wants an iPad2? or $500 cash?! Enter here!



I seriously can’t believe I’m leaving for BlogHer TOMORROW. I’m in disbelief, but definitely ready for the sun, the fun, the friends, the parties, the brands and the swag. Speaking of SWAG……..

Me and my awesome bloggy friends that I met at BlogHer last year (Becca from Mama B and Christa from Little BGCG) will be representing Shari Criso at BlogHer this year!


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SURPRISE! The big Applecheeks cloth diapers PRINTS reveal!

Ahhhh, can you hardly stand it?! I’ve been waiting too long to see these beautiful, brand new prints from one of my favorites–Applecheeks! I was one super lucky blogger that was asked to help with the big reveal and was sent one of the print diapers a few days ago. But no worries, now I get to share my pictures of it with all of you AND you’ll have chances to win your own!

I wish I would have taped my reaction when I opened the package. I ripped it open and was

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