I had a DNA test for genetic health and ancestry

You may have seen me posting on Facebook about this over the past week or 2, but I recently participated in a DNA test for genetic testing on a review campaign with 23andMe. I was intrigued by the idea of simply spitting in a cup, sending it off to a lab, and having tons of answers about my health and ancestry… but at the same time I was terrified. I went back and forth on if I should do it… curiosity got

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POLL: how did you hear about Osama?

I’m just completely curious about how people first learned about Osama’s death. It was late at night, maybe you were asleep and had to find out somehow the next day? We were watching Netflix on our TV and although the news somehow (?!) turned it off and cut into it, I heard about it before that online. Power of social media–news spreads FAST! So please share how you found out…

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