Teaching our generation about birth

I’m WAY behind on recapping the ICAN conference and there is SO MUCH to say about it. I really want to go through each speaker and presentation that I saw because there was just so much info that’s all worth sharing.

Thursday night was leader training. I watched a presentation given by Claudia Villeneuve (childbirth educator, ICAN Canada president, engineer and mom of 3!) on the last 3 generations and how to educate them based on their characteristics and personalities: the baby boomers, generation X and generation Y.

I’m sure we all know how

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ICAN2011 conference love

I don’t even know where to start! The conference was amazing. I’m not sure that I went with any expectations… because I had no idea what to expect!… but I thought I’d learn some things to take back to the rest of our chapter. Wow, I learned SO MUCH more. In addition to learning about great studies and stats and facts, I learned about the healing process (and that I’m not done) and what’s coming next for me. I learned how to be a better and more active leader and how to help others.

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