Play Osmo: the coolest new interactive iPad game

I’ll admit that both of my kids are iPad obsessed. One of Ryan’s favorite things to do is search the app store for awesome new games to play. He’s almost 5 and we do money counting games, math, sight words, puzzles, and some critical thinking games that are even hard for me. Yes, we play some Angry Birds, too 😉 Rebecca is almost 3 and likes anything Disney or watching Daniel Tiger, meow meow. While I do feel they’re learning on these games, sometimes I’d like to get them off the iPad and back

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YesVideo’s new iPad app to #RememberWhen!

Did you ever imagine you’d be able to take old video of your childhood or memories you may have thought were lost and gone forever and watch them on your iPad?! Convert your old media with YesVideo, download their NEW iPad app, and relive those vintage feelings.

I’ve had a lot of old VHS tapes converted to digital files by YesVideo. I absolutely love being able to watch the old film like it’s new again… memories of my Grandpa who passed away almost 4 years ago that I thought

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Super Duper apps for kids (giveaway)

Ryan has always loved playing on the iPad and I’ve always been on the search for the best apps–the ones that are educational, but also fun for a toddler. Now Ryan is also really getting into imaginative play that includes story telling. He asks questions about everything… he wants to know how everything works and what it does. I recently got to try out some iPad apps for kids from Super Duper. I love the name because they certainly are super duper apps!

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HGG: Duo Games giveaway {two winners!}

Duo Games, a unit of Discovery Bay Games, creates fun “digital + physical” gameplay. They have a whole line of products to play with your iPad, something for everyone whether you’re a “gamer” or not… turn your iPad into a pinball machine or an arcade game… play trivia games with your friends…

For our review we were sent two products from Duo Games. First, the Thomas & Friends Steam Team Station.

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HGG: BIGGEST giveaway of the year {$900 iPad package}

I adore our iPad and I use it allllll the time. So does Steve and so does Ryan–I always say it’s the best babysitter ever, haha. So what happened when Ryan dropped it on the driveway without a case and the screen cracked? Steve touched it up with some glue (we’re crafty, I tell ya) and we’re getting a new one for Christmas this year… it’s probably the best thing that could have happened because now we’ll have TWO, even if the screen on one is cracked. Thanks, Ryan! 😉

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HGG: iPieces games for the iPad {giveaway}

Welcome to Baby Dickey’s Holiday Gift Guide ’12!

I first discovered the iPieces toys when I was at BlogHer… Pressman Toy was in the expo hall and they were demonstrating some of the iPieces games for the iPad. We have an iPad at home and I always say it’s the best babysitter ever. No, we don’t use it like that all the time, lol, but when we need it

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